Notes on Drawings


A necessary and integral part of each drawing are the explanatory notes which answer any and all questions about the component not covered by dimensions, finish, material, condition, mating surfaces, final use, etc. A designer’s ever-present question should be, “Does this drawing answer every question which can be asked about the component I am depicting?”

As shown in Drawing #3 below, typical notes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Anything special about any dimension or surface or finish on a piece should be clarified with a note on the print.
  • All areas subject to further finishing operations should be so indicated. For surfaces which require subsequent treatment, before and after dimensions should be noted along with the type of treatment the surface will receive.
  • If a surface is to be used as a “seat”, it should be so noted. (See Threads)
  • Special gaging methods should be described.
  • All special symbols should be explained with a note.
  • A dimension limited or controlled by the use of the part should be noted as well.
  • All notes should be specific.