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 Join PMPA’s Miles Free as he reviews the must-haves for your shop’s safety program under OSHA. More than just a list of OSHA’s most frequent violations, this session looks at what OSHA requires for our industry across the organization- reporting, training, what programs and documentation you need to have to demonstrate good faith in today’s Hyper-Penalty environment. Attendees will receive an overview of requirements, links and reference documents to update or establish their safety program.

Recorded: May 2, 2022 at National Technical Conference in Milwaukee, WI.

Miles Free III, PMPA

Job functions which would benefit: Upper Management, Middle Management, Estimators, Engineers, Foreman, Leadman

Experience track: Administrative


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Free for NTC 2022 Attendees

$100 for PMPA Members who did not attend.


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Comments from attendees:

  • Educational and inspirational – very authentic- Thank you, Miles!
  • Very helpful and entertaining
  • Miles did an excellent job as always. So much great info
  • Miles is always on point!
  • Miles very engaging
  • Lots of good insights and reminders to take back home. Will take a look at where jackets and keys are stored for evacuation plan!
  • Great audience participation and examples
  • Good content for first timers
  • I liked the overview. A case study to show implementation of a new safety program.