2022 Annual Meeting Summary


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PMPA’s New Branding

PMPA and GMAS (Gardner Manufacturing Association Solutions) worked together to create our new branding!  It’s progressive, fresh, clean and promotes turning. We invite you to watch the short 2-minute video that launched our new branding at our Annual Meeting in Tucson, AZ on October 7, 2022. We will be rolling out this new look during October, so keep an eye out!


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You are welcome to download any photos you like. Just know that PMPA will be sending you a complimentary couples photo ( if you had one taken).

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Award Recipients


Director Service Awards


  • Tom Phillips, Pacific Precision Inc.
  • David Wynn, ABF Engineering and Machining


Technical Membership Chairman’s Award

  • Courtney Ortner, Absolute Machine Tools


Technical Member Participation Awards

  • Absolute Machine Tools
  • Champion Screw Machine Engineering, Inc.
  • CJWinter
  • Corey Steel Company
  • Fischer Special Tooling
  • Henning Industrial Software Inc.
  • Laurel Steel / NUCOR
  • Lester Detterbeck Enterprises Ltd.
  • GWS Tool Group (Formerly Peterson Tool Company, Inc.)
  • Tsugami
  • Valbruna Stainless Inc.
  • Wieland Chase

Committee Service Awards

  • I-T Committee
    • David Wynn, ABF Engineering and Machining
  • Quality Committee
    • Justin Zak, Corey Steel Company
  • Technical Programs Committee
    • Johnny Freeze, GWS Tool Group
  • Management Update Committee
    • Kyle Detterbeck, Lester Detterbeck Enterprises Ltd.
    • JoAnn Vlach, Efficient Machine Products Corp.


Meeting Attendance Pins

  • 60 Meeting Pin
    • Ted Imbrogno, Efficient Machine Products Corp.
    • James Wrenn, Hudson Precision Products Co.

Technical Member Distinguished Service Award

This award is presented at the Annual Meeting to a member chosen by Technical Member Nominating Committee for his/her technical service to the Association and the Industry

Greg Knight,
Absolute Machine Tools

The Gold Micrometer

In recognition of forty years of service to the Precision Machined Products Industry, a gold-plated, engraved, working micrometer is awarded each year to member company executives who have completed forty years of service in the industry. The Executive Committee approves applicants based on established criteria announced to members annually.

Edward K. Brooks,

Huron Automatic Screw Company

Timothy L. Halladay,

H & R Screw Machine Products, Inc.

Eric Somma,
Somma Tool Company/Max-Bar Swiss


Bruce Mehlman

Navigating an Age of Disruption

Highly sought-after speaker and Washington strategist Bruce Mehlman examines the long-term technology, geopolitical and cultural trends driving America’s media battles, political contests and policy reform movements that will shape the upcoming 2022 elections and impact every business and brand for the next decade.

Omar Nashashibi & John Guzik 

Mid-Term Election Outcomes: What the 2022 Campaigns Mean for Precision Manufacturing

Elections have consequences and the outcome of the 2022 campaign season could result in major change on Capitol Hill. Will Republicans capture one or both chambers of Congress? Can President Biden work with a GOP-led U.S. House or Senate? What does this all mean for precision manufacturing? PMPA’s lobbying firm in Washington, D.C., The Franklin Partnership, will provide their direct insights into tax and tariff policy, the focus on workforce development, and an expected barrage of regulations from OSHA, the EPA, and other agencies. This presentation will help your business navigate the uncertainties of supply chain disruptions, inflation, and forecast Washington’s plans for manufacturers in 2023 while analyzing the upcoming midterm elections and control for the U.S. Congress.

Omar Nashashibi

Effectively Analyzing and Explaining Complicated Issues

Effectively communicating complicated issues in the workplace, politics, or our personal lives is critical, especially when discussing difficult topics. Omar S. Nashashibi, Founding Partner at The Franklin Partnership, PMPA’s lobbying firm in Washington, D.C., will present on strategies he and others use to help manufacturers and individuals better understand how an action taken may affect your company and industry. This session will help you with leadership strategies, new approaches to use in your company, and analysis techniques to break down complicated issues. Mr. Nashashibi will discuss skills learned over his nearly quarter century in Washington and how using certain effective tools to analyze and communicate can help your business and employees.

Jennifer Fondrevay

Managing Through Disruption: Navigating, Surviving and Thriving
through Constant Corporate Change

Jennifer Fondrevey is the Founder of Day1 Ready, a consultancy that advises forward-thinking business leaders, owners and executives on how to prepare for the human capital challenges brought on by massive change and disruptions. She will provide tactics for frontline leaders to motivate their teams and maintain productivity, while creating an encouraging employee experience, and she shares a “survive and thrive” game plan to cultivate the right mindset when the metrics for success keep changing.

Bill Berrien

Employee Healthcare Options

Group medical insurance is taken for granted, but it may not be your only option. In this session Bill Berrien, CEO of Pindel Global Precision will describe his company’s move to an Individual Coverage Healthcare Reimbursement Account (ICHRA) model, where employees procure their own individual insurance, with the company sharing some or all of the cost. Higher employee satisfaction and cost savings to company and employees make this a topic that you will want to explore. Successes in automating other HR administrative services will also be covered.

Bob Conrad

Investment Strategies

What is the right investment strategy considering both the bond and stock markets are seeing massive volatility in 2022?

Bob Conrad will provide timely market analysis and discuss why flexible and active management is increasingly important given current risks and realities.  He will provide attendees with “take-home” information on investment opportunities that exist in the marketplace.

Manning & Napier Advisors is a full service investment advisor headquartered in Rochester, New York with regional offices in Columbus, Ohio and St. Petersburg, Florida. Manning & Napier manages approximately $22 billion in client assets as of May, 2022 for pensions, 401(k) plans, endowments, foundations, and high-net worth individuals.  Founded in 1970, Manning & Napier serves clients in all 50 states.

Bob Conrad is Senior Financial Consultant with Manning & Napier who earned his B.S.B.A. in Finance from John Carroll University. Bob’s financial industry experience coupled with his practical business knowledge gives him a unique perspective to assist both individual and corporate clients with their investment decisions.

Absolute Machine Tools & Kerr Lakeside Inc.

Exploring ESOP’s

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP’s) are a unique way to help a company move forward as founding family involvement changes.

There are many considerations involved in creating a successful ESOP, but everyone agrees that understanding the facts, and communicating them to all parties are critical to a successful transition. PMPA’s ESOP panel features speakers at the helm of Manufacturing Member and Technical Member businesses that became successful ESOP companies.

Alex Weber

FAIL PROOF: Become the Unstoppable You

What would you do if you couldn’t fail?  Everyone experiences “failing” but not everyone has the knowledge, awareness, and abilities to harness its forward progress, so they lose valuable time, energy, resources, and even give up on their goals.  Not on Alex Weber’s watch!   Alex cultivated his system through one of the most intense stages in the world as both an award winning host & elite competitor for NBC’s Emmy-nominated American Ninja Warrior.  Based off Alex’s debut book, Alex gives you his 6 Step Fail Proof System to become The Unstoppable You.  Flat out— when most people stop, you will keep going, growing, and getting better to make your goals happen.