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OSHA is reminding compliance officers to check for adequate means of egress at all workplaces. This follows the recent disastrous fire and explosion that killed at least 119 workers on June 4, 2013, at a poultry processing plant in China.

Over 120 fatalities; Exits blocked.
Over 120 fatalities; Exits blocked.

The standard for exit routes is called   Fire Protection; Means of Egress; Hazardous Materials; 1910.33  you can find information at   Egress

OSHA has an “Emergency Exit Routes Fact Sheet” which provides information on employers’ responsibilities to ensure that their workers are able to exit the workplace quickly and safely.

OSHA Exit Fact Sheet

A memorandum sent to the agency’s regional administrators and state plan designees directs field inspectors, when conducting inspections, to be mindful of whether employers have provided and maintained adequate means of egress from work areas. This includes checking that an adequate number of exit routes are provided, that the exit routes are free and unobstructed, and that exit doors are not locked.

I advise using the fact sheet for supervisor’s weekly meeting and inspection, then for safety training crews on safe egress.

How would you escape?

China Rescue Photo

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