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One of my international contacts through the Syndicat International du Decolletage posted an intriguing photo on Facebook.

I had to find out, what does it mean?
I had to find out, what does it mean?

I did my best to try to figure it out, and eventually I came up with “entrepreurship.”
(By the way, the Facebook post was in Swedish…)
So I responded to my friend with “Entrepreneurship?” and waited to see how well I had done.
You be the judge. and by the way, don’t be too surprised to find out that you too, have the Gnosjöandan Spirit.
Gnosjöandan Spirit

  • We are motivated by others’ success
  • We encourage cooperation
  • We are ambitious and dare being great
  • We are street smart
  • We are doers
  • We don’t overcomplicate things
  • We are generous and helpful
  • We are thrifty but never stingy
  • We dig where we stand
  • We are proud of the Gnosjö Spirit.

This reminded me a lot of the entrepreneurial spirit that we find in our shops. What do you think? Do you too, have the Gnosjöandan Spirit?

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