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April 30, 2024 at National Technical Conference in Cincinnati, OH.

Dr. Julius M. Schoop, University of Kentucky
Johnny Freeze, GWS Tool Group

Who would benefit: Engineer, estimator, setup, machinist, operator

Experience track: Mastery

In a collaborative effort between GWS Tool and Professor Juluis Schoop’s research group at the University of Kentucky, learn about a student-led project exploring the effect of cutting edge preparation strategies and their impact on form tool performance. The project involved high-precision characterization of the three dimensional geometry and form tools honed using various strategies to quantify both the shape and consistency of the prepared cutting edges at several points on the complex tool edges. Cutting trials were subsequently conducted to measure process forces, surface finish, and obtain qualitative tool-wear measurements after a limited number of trials. Finally, a novel analytical approach for CNC form tool process development and optimization will be presented. Based on the results, the team of researchers seeks to foster a technical discussion of current industry trends, needs, and practices for form tool honing.


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