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How is your profitability?
How is your  productivity ?  
What are the differences between your practice and that of other top shops?

Modern Machine Shop, sister publication to Production Machining,  is offerring a free, benchmarking opportunity to allow you to compare your shopfloor practices with other particpants. What are the leading practices that are enabling machining businesses to evaluate and improve their business?
This Top Shops benchmarking program expects to establish metrics that define best-in-class manufacturing business practices, measures of the efficiency and effectiveness of machining  operations.
Top Shops will profile top-performing machining facilities to recognize and share ways that leading manufacturers are becoming more productive, more profitable and more globally competitive.
The past year and a half has had everyone focused on their own performance. (AND SURVIVAL!)
This year just might be the time to look outward and benchmark to practices of others.
Are you profitable?
Are you productive?
No doubt about it.
But is it the best that you can be?
Is it as good as the competition?
How do you know?
The link below will take you to the in depth, 50 question survey.
Benchmarking link.
MMS Benchmarking Blog Post

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