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Sometimes the wisdom is just undeniable.
I spend quite a bit of my time writing what I hope to be interesting articles for our many readers. Knowledge retention and thought leadership posts for our member companies.
Written pieces that give the readers ‘Tools They Can Use.
If I’m  writing, I’m  probably not spending a lot of time reading…
So when I got a copy of ph Horn’s latest  World of Tools 2/10 magazine, I was captivated by the following comment made by Lothar Horn, Managing Director.

Lothar Horn

“How can our tools best be used so that the customer can obtain the maximum benefit from this investment?”
At PMPA, we’re pretty familiar with the concept of  ‘Tools You Can Use’– in fact we use it as our Tagline.
But we were really interested in the answer that Mr. Horn gave to his own question:
“…we have developed new products, strengthened support and service and expanded our portfolio in the direction of complete machining.”
Let’s see, how can we as an industry face the challenges of the current market situation?
 1) Use the tools we have to develop new products,
 2) Strengthen support and service to our customers,
 3) Expand capabilities toward complete solutions…
Couldn’t have said it better myself!
You can download the Horn World of Tools Magazine at this link ; just click on the pdf download link for the 2/10 issue.
If this was a quiz, would you have gotten 3 out of 3?

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