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I am a fan of Lean, but the amount of fundamental data that Industrial Press has packed into this shirt pocket guide amazed me and will amaze you too!

Buy this book!
Buy this book!

Not only the math, geometry and trig functions that you would expect, but also the  letter addresses used in Numerical control, G code addresses,  and M codes for miscellaneous functions.

  • Drawing standards for ASME and ISO.
  • Conversion factors. Inch to metric. Metric to English. Fractional to decimal. Hardness  Scales conversion
  • Surface texture produced by common production methods,
  • ISO fits and nomenclature  for holes and shafts.
  • Screw and screw thread data.
  • Sample Calculations for Milling, Drilling and Turning.

Bonus content as far as I’m concerned:
Two illustrated pages on sine bar and dovetail slide measurement and calculation.
At $19.95 a copy, this reference could solve 80% of your shop floor and engineering estimating reference needs- Wand avoid getting carpal tunnel from trying to ” one hand” your usual “reference.’
Well done Steve Heather and Industrial Press.
72 pages, illustrated, ISBN 978-0-8311-3496-9, $19.95
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