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3-19-21 State Grants Matrix - March 2021 Prepared by The Franklin Partnership

2-26-21 COVID Update Provided by The Franklin Partnership

As always thank you to The Franklin Partnership as they help us make sense of the issues as the uncertainty our shops are facing continues to grow.

  • CDC Manufacturing Page Update
  • CDC Vaccination Resources and Poster
  • CDC Vaccination FAQ Updated
  • OSHA Filings and Investigations
  • President Biden Supply Chain, Domestic Sourcing Executive Orders
  • EIDL Loans Update
  • Changes to PPP Loans Made; Program Open for Smallest Businesses
  • COVID Reconciliation Bill Details and Status

2-17-21 State Grants Tracking Matrix Provided by The Franklin Partnership

2-5-21 COVID & Washington Update Provided by The Franklin Partnership 

1-15-21 Bi-weekly COVID-19 Update from The Franklin Partnership 

PMPA Webinar: My Employee Tested Positive for COVID-19 – What Do I Do Now? by Melanie Webber of Fisher Phillips

Visit the Paycheck Protection Program Resource Page HERE

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COVID-19 Copy


4-26-21 Your Employees Are Vaccinated – Now What?
4-26-21 Workers’ COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions Might Be Recordable on Your OSHA 300 Logs
4-26-21 Rick Grimaldi Interviews on the "YOLO Economy" and PostCOVID Work Environment 

4-23-21 Employers May Claim Tax Credit For Providing COVID-19 Vaccination Paid Leave, With Qualifications

3-16-21 COVID-19 National Emphasis Program (NEP) focusing OSHA enforcement efforts on companies that put the largest number of workers at serious risk of contracting the coronavirus. The program also prioritizes employers that retaliate against workers for complaints about unsafe or unhealthy conditions, or for exercising other rights protected by federal law. 
- COVID-19 NEP Link 
- OSHA's News Release
- OSHA's Updated Interim Enforcement Response Plan

3-15-21 OSHA Signals More COVID-19 Inspections Are Coming: 5 Steps For Employers To Prepare For The National Emphasis Program

3-15-21 Adding Insult to Injury: Employers Facing COVID-19-Related Lawsuits Commonly Face Tacked-On Wage and Hour Claims 

3-10-21 What Employers Need To Know About Biden’s American Rescue Plan

3-8-21 Employers Should Exhibit Patience In Easing COVID-19 Restrictions Despite CDC’s New Guidelines On Fully Vaccinated Employees

3-5-21 It Isn’t Too Early To Form Post-Pandemic Workplace Policies
3-5-21 First Lawsuit Challenging Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine May Shed Light On Employer Parameters

3-3-21 Will Employees Need To Demonstrate “More Than A Feeling” Of A COVID-19- Unsafe Workplace To Get Unemployment Benefits?

2-12-21 CDC Substantially Relaxes Quarantine Requirements For Those Fully Vaccinated

2-11-21 Double The Mask, Double The Protection? What Employers Should Know About CDC's Latest Double-Mask Guidance

2-10-21 “This Won’t Hurt A Bit – Or Will It?” Practical Workplace Solutions To Address COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects 

2-3-21 Employers Ask EEOC For COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive Guidance 

2-2-21 FP Flash Survey Reveals: Most Employers Not Interested In Mandating COVID-19 Vaccination But Uncertain How To Incentivize Workforce Inoculation

2-1-21 OSHA’s Latest Guidance Suggests Employers Will Be Required To Adopt A COVID-19 Prevention Program

1-29-21 Unhappy Anniversary: One Full Year Of COVID-19 Workplace Litigation

1-26-21 What Will A Federal OSHA COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard Likely Require?

1-25-21 President Biden Focuses On Vaccine Distribution – What Employers Need To Know To Help Employees Roll Up Their Sleeves 

1-22-21 Biden Administration Orders OSHA To Increase Enforcement Efforts
1-22-21 President Biden Releases National COVID-19 Response Strategy

1-19-21 Biden’s Proposed COVID-19 Economic Rescue Plan Would Lead To Dramatic Workplace Changes

1-15-21 Biden’s Proposed COVID-19 Economic Rescue Plan Would Lead To Dramatic Workplace Changes

1-7-21 Employer Considerations For Determining Whether To Continue Providing FFCRA Leave After Law’s Expiration 
1-7-21 Religious Objections To Mandated COVID-19 Vaccines: Considerations For Employers 

1-4-21 5 Steps Manufacturing Employers Should Take As Industry Remains Top Target For COVID-19 Workplace Claims

12-29-20 6 Steps Employers Can Take To Diffuse Skyrocketing COVID-19 OSHA Complaints 
12-29-20 Employer Solutions For Supporting Working Mothers During The Pandemic – And Beyond

12-23-20 NLRB Issues Two More COVID-19 Advice Memos On Remote Bargaining And Hazard Pay 

12-22-20 What Employers Need To Know About Latest Federal COVID-19 Stimulus Package
12-22-20 5 Ways Employers Can Begin Preparing As The COVID-19 Vaccine Priority Order Is Revealed 

12-17-20 Top 7 Things You Need To Know As EEOC Says Employers May Mandate COVID-19 Vaccines
Although the EEOC seems to permit mandating vaccinations of employees in certain circumstances, most employers should consider encouraging rather than mandating vaccinations due to potential related risks. Whether you simply encourage or mandate vaccinations, you should be prepared with at least a policy framework and a communications plan as wider availability of the vaccine draws closer. “

12-14-20 What Employers Need to Know After FDA Grants Emergency Use Authorization For COVID-19 Vaccine

12-9-20 The 3 Most Significant Items For Employers In The Congressional COVID-19 Proposal – And The 3 Items Not (Yet) Included)

12-3-20 Guidance For Employers As CDC Reduces Coronavirus Quarantine Period To 7 To 10 Days 

11-30-20 There’s No Place But Home for the Holiday Party: How To Safely Celebrate Your Organization This Year
11-30-20 The Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Employees Engaged (And Safe) Despite COVID Fatigue
11-30-20 Employers Need To Be Wary About Renewed Unemployment Fraud

11-23-20 CDC Recommends Tighter Quarantine Standards For Exposed Critical Infrastructure Sector Employees
11-23-20 Recent CDC Guidance Could Bolster Argument For Cloth Face Coverings To Be Personal Protective Equipment

11-20-20 The Top 9 Things Employers Need To Know About Cal/OSHA’s New Emergency COVID-19 Standard 

11-20-20 The Franklin Partnership COVID-19 Bi-Weekly Update

  • Main Street Lending Fund to close Dec. 31
  • PPP deductibility and forgiveness yes the latest  IRS notice on deduction is not a surprise and was expected, though we thought it was coming next week. It is not something new. There were some accountants making an argument that since the loan isn’t being forgiven in 2020 it is technically a loan so they can deduct expenses. That was never going to happen and was probably bad advice if anyone took it so IRS shut the door on that. Though they did create a safe harbor that if your loan isn’t forgiven you can go back and claim the deduction.
  • IRS provides tax tips to avoid employer tax credit errors
  • IRS restates that cannot deduct expenses if PPP loan is forgiven
  • Quite a bit of activity on cloth face coverings from CDC and OSHA.  CDC making case they can be helpful; OSHA not recognizing them as effective PPE.
  • OSHA releases its top COVID violations These are mostly applicable to healthcare, but FYI.

11-16-20 College Football Is Now A Contact (Tracing) Sport: Lessons For Employers In 2020
11-16-20 The Crystal Ball Says These 6 Issues Will Demand The Attention Of Healthcare Employers During Biden Administration’s First Year
11-16-20 FP’s Newly Enhanced COVID-19 Litigation Tracker Reveals 3 Surprising Trends For Employers

11-3-20 The CDC had updated some definitions(including the definition of Close Contact) - updated Appendix A.

10-20-20 U.S. Department of Labor Issues Frequently Asked Question and Answer Confirming N95 Respirators Protect Against the Coronavirus

10-12-20 Resuming Business TOOLKIT

9-30-20 The Franklin Partnership Grant Matrix (organized by state)

9-29-20 Manufacturing Survey Results #5
- The dearth of applications for employment (Q #7) is reported by half of our shops - attributed to very generous unemployment payouts.
- We found the fact that 2/3 of our shops reported no confirmed cases of COVID-19 (Q #9) to be interesting.
- ~35% of shops reported some Reshoring activity, though at small dollar amounts (Q #11 & #12)
- 88% of respondents reported PPP loans (Q #13) which permitted retention of employees according to 89% of respondents (Q #15)
- PPP Loan Forgiveness remains a mystery  and an important one to be solved for our member companies….
- 86% of respondents would seek another forgivable PPP loan as described in (Q #18)

9-16-20 3 Steps To Make Sure Your COVID-19 Decisions Don’t Lead To Wrongful Termination Lawsuits 
9-16-20 COVID-19 OSHA Whistleblower Claims On The Rise As Virus Rages On

9-14-20 Labor Department Revises COVID-19 Leave Regulations, Broadening Coverage For Healthcare Workers And Clarifying Other Employer Obligations

9-9-20 The COVID-Confusion Over Face Masks, N95s And Respirators: Small Detail Or Big Difference For Employers? 

9-4-20 How To Handle Unprecedented Workplace Tension This Election Season: A 10-Step Action Plan 

9-2-20 Employees’ Personal Travel Raises COVID-19 Concerns: FAQs For Employers

8-29-20 Relief with Respect to Employment Tax Deadlines Applicable to Employers Affected by the Ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease 2019 Pandemic

8-25-20 Labor Department Issues Guidance On Tracking Employees’ Teleworking Hours

8-21-20 How To Balance School Re-Openings And COVID-19 Workplace Leave: FAQs For Employers

8-19-20 NLRB’s Latest Guidance Supports Employer Decisions Amidst Pandemic 

8-18-20 Flu Season And Possible COVID-19 Vaccine Will Shine A Spotlight On Workplace Vaccination Policies 

8-17-20 4 Common COVID-19 Misunderstandings That Could Place Your Company At Legal Risk

8-14-20 FP Chart Guides Employers Through Common COVID-19 Return-To-Work Scenarios

8-12-20 Executive Action Takes Aim At Reducing Payroll Taxes And Extending Enhanced Unemployment Payments As COVID-19 Crisis Continues

8-10-20 COVID-19 Conflicts Lead To Breach Of Contract Claims Against Employers 

8-7-20 Employers Face Increase In COVID-19 Wrongful Death Lawsuits

8-5-20 Emerging Trends In COVID-19 Workplace Litigation 

8-4-20 Back To Square One: Court Ruling Upends COVID-19 Leave Rules
*8-4-20 UPDATED: CDC: When to Quarantine *
*8-4-20 UPDATED: CDC: Employers Return To Work Guidance *

7-29-20 5-Step Best Practices Plan For Reopening Manufacturing Facilities

Updated CDC Guidance on the Discontinuation of Isolation for Persons With COVID-19 

7-23-20 What Employers Need To Know About DOL’s New Guidance On Return-To-Work, Remote Work, And Wage And Hour Issues

7-22-20 The Opioid Crisis Meets The COVID-19 Pandemic: Employers Beware and Be Prepared 
7-22-20 CDC Now Discourages Test-Based Strategy And Modifies Symptom-Based Strategy

7-20-20 An update on small business as COVID-19 cases rise

COVID-19 Safety: How to Restart Operations and Maintain a Healthy Workplace Webinar
- July 23rd at 2 P.M. (EST) 
- Presenters, including from NIOSH, will discuss safe approaches to preparing for and maintaining a healthy workplace, including office building guidance. Learn more and register here.

CDC: Tips for Manufacturing Employees - Things you can do in and outside of work to protect yourself and your coworkers from COVID-19

7-17-20 An Employer’s Guide To Managing PTO Donation Requests In The COVID-19 Age 
7-17-20 How Should Your Business Handle Anti-Mask Guests? A 5-Step Action Plan

Return to the Workplace Safely Using Total Worker Health® Strategies Webinar 
The NIOSH Total Worker Health® Program hosted a webinar about Reopening America on June 25. NIOSH speakers discussed the most up-to-date science, strategies, and recommendations for returning to work safely as organizations meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The speakers also discussed how businesses in other sectors can apply NIOSH guidance to safely reopen. The recorded webinar can be accessed through the above link. 

7-6-20 A Refresher On Employing Minors During COVID-19: What Employers Need To Know
7-6-20 Choppy Seas: Alleged Involuntary Quarantine Of Employees Lands Employer in Wage and Hour Class Action 

7-2-20 FP COVID-19 Employment Litigation Tracker Reveals 43% Explosion Of Workplace Claims In June 
7-2-20 Flipping The Script: Employer Sues Former Worker For COVID-19 Defamation 

6-19-20 OSHA Releases Return-To-Work Guidance Addressing Assessments And Records 
6-19-20 Is COVID-19 A Disability Under Discrimination Law? The Next Wave of Workplace Lawsuits May Answer Question
6-19-20 EEOC Clarifies That Employers Cannot Require COVID-19 Antibody Tests

6-18-20 U.S. Department of Labor Issues OSHA Guidance As Non-Essential Businesses Reopen and Employees Return to Work

6-17-20 Troubling Pattern Of COVID-19 Workplace Litigation Begins To Emerge

6-16-20 CDC Issues New Testing Strategy For High-Density Critical Infrastructure Workplaces
6-16-20 Another COVID-19 Litigation Hazard: Essential Employer Sued For Not Allowing Work From Home 

6-12-20 EEOC Warns Against Age Discrimination And Other Workplace Concerns During Back-ToBusiness Push

6-11-20 Key Takeaways From OSHA’s New FAQs About Face Coverings In The Workplace 

6-9-20 6 Questions To Ask To Avoid COVID-19 Wage And Hour Lawsuits

6-8-20 Safe working during the COVID-19 pandemic - General guidelines for organizations
6-8-20 NBA Commissioner’s Comments On Older Coaches Is A Lesson To All Employers Returning To Work

6-4-20 STRATEGIC PERSPECTIVES—Managing labor relations in a COVID-19 environment: Q&A with Fisher Phillips
6-4-20 Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act Provides Employers With More Options

6-3-20 Thermal Imaging Systems In The Workplace: Panacea Or Problem?

5-30-20 Covert Costs Of The COVID-19 Pandemic: Expense Reimbursement For Remote Workers 

5-28-20 Top 5 Wage And Hour Risks To Avoid As Businesses Reopen

5-27-20 Employers Beware: COVID-19 Litigation May Spark Additional Claims 

5-26-20 Can Employers Use COVID-19 Waivers To Limit Liability? 
5-26-20 6-15-48 : These 3 Numbers Offer A Simple Way To Understand Contact Tracing In The Workplace

5-22-20 NLRB Upholds Rule Prohibiting Cell Phones In Work Areas – But Does The Decision Help Your Organization? 

5-20-20 OSHA Ramps Up Employers’ COVID-19 Recordkeeping Obligations 

5-19-20 Labor Board Temporarily Changes Notice Posting Requirement Due To Pandemic

0 Manufacturing Workers and Employers : CDC Update

5-15-20 Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers Responding to COVID-19 (Updated)
5-15-20 Employers To The Rescue . . . Maybe! IRS Permits Additional Flexibility For Cafeteria Plan Elections And Carryovers

5-13-20 Returning Employees To Work Following Unemployment Requires A Tailored 10-Step Plan Of Action

5-12-20 Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers Responding to COVID-19

5-7-20 Employers Get EEO-1 Reporting Reprieve In 2020
5-7-20 Litigation Seeking Unpaid Wages From Employers Impacted By COVID-19 Has Arrived 

5-6-20 New COVID-19 Lawsuit Sends Warning To Employers Too Large To Be Covered By FFCRA
5-6-20 Fair WARNing: COVID-19 WARN Act Class Action Filed Against Hooters (warning for all employers)

5-4-20 CDC Discontinuation of Isolation for Persons with COVID-19 Not in Healthcare Settings
5-4-20 CDC Updated FAQ for General Businesses
5-4-20 6 Factors Employers Must Consider When Taking Employees’ Temperatures

Develop A Proactive COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan Or Risk Employees Seeking Court Intervention

Update Links Below
- OSHA MFG Poster

- 10 Steps to Reduce Risk Poster
- DoL Unemployment Insurance FAQ
- EEOC ADA Guidance
- LEAR Safe Work Playbook
- FFCRA Time Off Poster
- OSHA Occupation Risk Triangle Poster
- CDC Business FAQ (includes employee screening guidance and information cleaning equipment) 
- CDC Guidance on Reopening 
- AICPA PPP Application and Forgiveness Recommendations
- IRS Wage Deductibility and PPP Forgiveness Notice 

4-29-20 EEOC Offers Guidance To Employers Preparing To Reopen Their Workplaces 

4-28-20 Government Doubles Down On Warning To Employers Accepting Small Business Loans

4-27-20 The Virtues And Vices Of Voluntary Attendance Policies In The COVID-19 Era

4-24-20 FAQs For Employers Navigating Relaxed I-9 Verification Requirements

4-23-20 What Employers Need To Know About The White House’s COVID-19 Immigration Proclamation 
4-23-20 Feds Issue Warning To Employers Accepting COVID-19 PPP Loans – And Provide Escape Plan 
4-23-20 Don’t Forget the Basics When Reopening Your Retail Business: A 5-Point Plan

4-22-20 Refilling The Well: Senate Passes $300 Billion Spending Package For Strained Paycheck Protection Program  

4-21-20 BEYOND THE CURVE: Post-Pandemic Back-To-Business FAQs
For Employers

4-20-20 Attendance Bonuses During COVID-19 Rebuilding Can Lead To Unintended Legal Consequences
4-20-20 What Employers Can Learn From The First FFCRA Interference And Retaliation Lawsuits
4-20-20 Executive Order on National Emergency Authority to Temporarily Extend Deadlines for Certain Estimated Payments
4-20-20 4-Step Plan For Handling Confirmed COVID-19 Cases When Your Business Reopens 
4-20-20 5 Steps To Reopen Your Workplace, According To CDC’s Latest Guidance
4-20-20 Federal Court Decision Highlights Efficient And Effective Ways To Address Suspected FMLA Misuse
4-20-20 The Ties That Bind: NLRB Division Of Advice Rebukes Union Limitations On Employees’ Right to Resign Membership 

4-19-20 CARES Act & Select Business Provisions
4-19-20 Washington D.C. issues Guidelines for Opening Up America Again

4-18-20 OSHA's Response to Workplace Safety and Coronavirus Exposure
4-18-20 Updated CISA Guidance on Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers

4-17-20 Reminder: Conduct An Adverse Impact Analysis Prior To Any COVID-19 Reductions In Force
4-17-20 Labor Department Issues USERRA Guidance For Employers During COVID-19 Pandemic

4-14-20 U.S. Department of Labor Announces OSHA Interim Enforcement Response Plan to Protect Workers during the Coronavirus Pandemic

4-13-20 Measuring Worker Temperatures Could Lead To Wage And Hour Claims
4-13-20 How To Avoid Wrongful Death And Injury Claims For Workplace COVID-19 Exposure
4-13-20 OSHA Provides Recordkeeping Guidance To Employers For COVID-19 Cases
4-13-20 COVID-19 Options for Student Loan Borrowers
4-13-20 USDL Enforcement Guidance for Recording Cases of Coronavirus Disease 2019

4-10-20 Supreme Court Makes It Easier For Federal Workers To Prove Age Discrimination 
4-10-20 Unionized Covid-19 Loan Recipients Face Troubling Non-Abrogation Commitment

4-9-20 CAL/OSHA Provides Guidance On COVID-19 Infection Prevention For Agricultural Industry
4-9-20 CDC Significantly Relaxes Essential Worker Return-To-Work Standards After COVID-19 Exposure
4-9-20 CDC: Interim Guidance for Implementing Safety Practices for Critical Infrastructure Workers Who May Have Had Exposure to a Person with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19
4-9-20 CDC: Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
4-9-20 Fisher Phillips FFCRA Leave Request Form (updated)

4-8-20 What Employers Need To Know About The Unemployment Provisions Of The CARES Act
4-8-20 Protected Concerted Activity: The Next COVID-19 Challenge For Union And NonUnion Employers Alike
4-8-20 Cloth Face Coverings At Work: Are They Personal Protective Equipment, And Who Pays For Them?
4-8-20 Ohio is offering Reimbursement for virtual technology upskilling during COVID-19

4-7-20 COVID-19 Employee Leave Form Template (From Allways Precision, Inc)
4-7-20 OSHA Issues New Guidance Given N95 Mask Shortage During COVID-19 Pandemic 
4-7-20 OSHA Enforcement Guidance for Respiratory Protection and the N95 Shortage Due to COVID19
4-7-20 Emergency Paid Sick Leave Request Form (from Mercury Manufacturing Company)
4-7-20 Emergency FMLA Request Form (from Mercury Manufacturing Company)
4-7-20 PartnerShip COVID-19 Update

4-6-20 Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Emergency FMLA Request Form Template (from DACRUZ Manufacturing)
4-3-20 Ensure That Your Customer Relationships Outlast Coronavirus
4-3-20 7 Questions to Raise Immediately After Your Laid Off 
4-2-20 COVID-19 Guidance And FAQs For Unionized Employers
4-2-20 Labor Board Finalizes Amendments To Union Election Rules
4-2-20 Top 10 Things Employers Need To Know About DOL’s New COVID-19 Rules
4-2-20 CDC’s Updated Return-To-Work Standards May Be Helpful To Businesses 

4-1-20 NLRB General Counsel Offers Welcome Guidance On Duty To Bargain During The Unprecedented COVID-19 Era
3-31-20 Federal Student Loans: Coronavirus and Forbearance Info for Students, Borrowers, and Parents
3-30-20 Updated Workplace FAQs For Healthcare Providers And 8-Point COVID-19 Action Plan

3-29-20 Labor Department Throws COVID-19 Curveball In Latest Guidance, Suggests Shut Down Employees Won’t Qualify For Leave
3-27-20 Important Labor Law Implications Of Latest Federal COVID-19 Law

Sensemaking of the CARES Act Memorandum (Via Fisher Phillips)
Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act Memorandum (via The Franklin Partnership)

U.S. Dept of Labor Workplace Poster Website

3-26-20 Families First Coronavirus Response Act Poster for Federal Employees
3-25-20 Families First Coronavirus Response Act FAQ's From Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division
3-25-20 Families First Coronavirus Response Act Poster From Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division
3-24-20 Labor Department Offers Guidance On Families First Coronavirus Response Act Effective As Of April 1st

3-24-20 Retail Industry Guidance For COVID-19 Outbreak
3-23-20 CISA Memorandum On Identification Of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During Covid-19 Response and Guidance*
3-23-20 CDC Interim Guidance for Business Response and Employers to Plan and Respond to COVID-19
3-23-20 Employers Grapple With Essential Business Designations Resulting From Shelter-In Place and Shutdown Orders
3-22-20 Stay Tuned: Federal Government Announces COVID-19 Relief For Small And Midsize Businesses
3-19-20 Defense Production Act and COVID-19
3-19-20 Comprehensive And Updated FAQs For Employers On The COVID-19 Coronavirus
3-18-20 Congress Finalizes COVID-19 Response Act: Prepare To Provide Paid Sick Leave & FMLA
3-17-20 OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID19
3-17-20 Stay Home If You Are Sick!
3-17-20 Why You Should Care
3-17-20 What to do if you are sick with COVID-19
3-17-20 Do Your Part: Slow the Spread of Germs
3-17-20 What you need to know about COVID-19
3-16-20 COVID-19 Upward Trajectory or Flattened Curve? 
OSHA Basic Infection Prevention Guide
Disaster Plan (2017)
3-11-20 COVID-19 Visitor Questionnaire
3-11-20 COVID-19 Policy
3-2-20 COVID-19 Prevention & Treatment
3-2-20 Share Facts About COVID-19

6-24-20 Reopening Ontario
6-15-20 Helping workplaces prevent the spread and reopen for business
6-15-20 Managing Your Business During COVID-19
4-6-20 The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

3-23-20 Ontario orders all non-essential businesses to close
3-20-20 Canada's Latest COVID-19 Health Notice Page

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