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9-14-20 The Franklin Partnership COVID-19 Update

- OSHA Guidance: Masks in a Hot Indoor Environment
- EEOC and CDC Guidance FAQ Reconciliation
- Government Shutdown and Next COVID Legislation
- Senate GOP COVID “Skinny Bill”
- COVID-19 Legislation Status
- How long can you wait to submit Forgiveness application?

8-20-20 The Franklin Partnership has prepared for you, our PMPA members, a matrix of available grants by State

PMPA Member Mask Memo Template (From Employers to Employees)

7-2-20 The Franklin Partnership State Reopening Tracker

COVID-19 PMPA Member Survey Report (April 2020)

Visit the Paycheck Protection Program Resource Page HERE

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COVID-19 Copy


9-16-20 3 Steps To Make Sure Your COVID-19 Decisions Don’t Lead To Wrongful Termination Lawsuits 
9-16-20 COVID-19 OSHA Whistleblower Claims On The Rise As Virus Rages On

9-14-20 Labor Department Revises COVID-19 Leave Regulations, Broadening Coverage For Healthcare Workers And Clarifying Other Employer Obligations

9-9-20 The COVID-Confusion Over Face Masks, N95s And Respirators: Small Detail Or Big Difference For Employers? 

9-4-20 How To Handle Unprecedented Workplace Tension This Election Season: A 10-Step Action Plan 

9-2-20 Employees’ Personal Travel Raises COVID-19 Concerns: FAQs For Employers

8-29-20 Relief with Respect to Employment Tax Deadlines Applicable to Employers Affected by the Ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease 2019 Pandemic

8-25-20 Labor Department Issues Guidance On Tracking Employees’ Teleworking Hours

8-21-20 How To Balance School Re-Openings And COVID-19 Workplace Leave: FAQs For Employers

8-19-20 NLRB’s Latest Guidance Supports Employer Decisions Amidst Pandemic 

8-18-20 Flu Season And Possible COVID-19 Vaccine Will Shine A Spotlight On Workplace Vaccination Policies 

8-17-20 4 Common COVID-19 Misunderstandings That Could Place Your Company At Legal Risk

8-14-20 FP Chart Guides Employers Through Common COVID-19 Return-To-Work Scenarios

8-12-20 Executive Action Takes Aim At Reducing Payroll Taxes And Extending Enhanced Unemployment Payments As COVID-19 Crisis Continues

8-10-20 COVID-19 Conflicts Lead To Breach Of Contract Claims Against Employers 

8-7-20 Employers Face Increase In COVID-19 Wrongful Death Lawsuits

8-5-20 Emerging Trends In COVID-19 Workplace Litigation 

8-4-20 Back To Square One: Court Ruling Upends COVID-19 Leave Rules
*8-4-20 UPDATED: CDC: When to Quarantine *
*8-4-20 UPDATED: CDC: Employers Return To Work Guidance *

7-29-20 5-Step Best Practices Plan For Reopening Manufacturing Facilities

Updated CDC Guidance on the Discontinuation of Isolation for Persons With COVID-19 

7-23-20 What Employers Need To Know About DOL’s New Guidance On Return-To-Work, Remote Work, And Wage And Hour Issues

7-22-20 The Opioid Crisis Meets The COVID-19 Pandemic: Employers Beware and Be Prepared 
7-22-20 CDC Now Discourages Test-Based Strategy And Modifies Symptom-Based Strategy

7-20-20 An update on small business as COVID-19 cases rise

COVID-19 Safety: How to Restart Operations and Maintain a Healthy Workplace Webinar
- July 23rd at 2 P.M. (EST) 
- Presenters, including from NIOSH, will discuss safe approaches to preparing for and maintaining a healthy workplace, including office building guidance. Learn more and register here.

CDC: Tips for Manufacturing Employees - Things you can do in and outside of work to protect yourself and your coworkers from COVID-19

7-17-20 An Employer’s Guide To Managing PTO Donation Requests In The COVID-19 Age 
7-17-20 How Should Your Business Handle Anti-Mask Guests? A 5-Step Action Plan

Return to the Workplace Safely Using Total Worker Health® Strategies Webinar 
The NIOSH Total Worker Health® Program hosted a webinar about Reopening America on June 25. NIOSH speakers discussed the most up-to-date science, strategies, and recommendations for returning to work safely as organizations meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The speakers also discussed how businesses in other sectors can apply NIOSH guidance to safely reopen. The recorded webinar can be accessed through the above link. 

7-6-20 A Refresher On Employing Minors During COVID-19: What Employers Need To Know
7-6-20 Choppy Seas: Alleged Involuntary Quarantine Of Employees Lands Employer in Wage and Hour Class Action 

7-2-20 FP COVID-19 Employment Litigation Tracker Reveals 43% Explosion Of Workplace Claims In June 
7-2-20 Flipping The Script: Employer Sues Former Worker For COVID-19 Defamation 

6-19-20 OSHA Releases Return-To-Work Guidance Addressing Assessments And Records 
6-19-20 Is COVID-19 A Disability Under Discrimination Law? The Next Wave of Workplace Lawsuits May Answer Question
6-19-20 EEOC Clarifies That Employers Cannot Require COVID-19 Antibody Tests

6-18-20 U.S. Department of Labor Issues OSHA Guidance As Non-Essential Businesses Reopen and Employees Return to Work

6-17-20 Troubling Pattern Of COVID-19 Workplace Litigation Begins To Emerge

6-16-20 CDC Issues New Testing Strategy For High-Density Critical Infrastructure Workplaces
6-16-20 Another COVID-19 Litigation Hazard: Essential Employer Sued For Not Allowing Work From Home 

6-12-20 EEOC Warns Against Age Discrimination And Other Workplace Concerns During Back-ToBusiness Push

6-11-20 Key Takeaways From OSHA’s New FAQs About Face Coverings In The Workplace 

6-9-20 6 Questions To Ask To Avoid COVID-19 Wage And Hour Lawsuits

6-8-20 Safe working during the COVID-19 pandemic - General guidelines for organizations
6-8-20 NBA Commissioner’s Comments On Older Coaches Is A Lesson To All Employers Returning To Work

6-4-20 STRATEGIC PERSPECTIVES—Managing labor relations in a COVID-19 environment: Q&A with Fisher Phillips
6-4-20 Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act Provides Employers With More Options

6-3-20 Thermal Imaging Systems In The Workplace: Panacea Or Problem?

5-30-20 Covert Costs Of The COVID-19 Pandemic: Expense Reimbursement For Remote Workers 

5-28-20 Top 5 Wage And Hour Risks To Avoid As Businesses Reopen

5-27-20 Employers Beware: COVID-19 Litigation May Spark Additional Claims 

5-26-20 Can Employers Use COVID-19 Waivers To Limit Liability? 
5-26-20 6-15-48 : These 3 Numbers Offer A Simple Way To Understand Contact Tracing In The Workplace

5-22-20 NLRB Upholds Rule Prohibiting Cell Phones In Work Areas – But Does The Decision Help Your Organization? 

5-20-20 OSHA Ramps Up Employers’ COVID-19 Recordkeeping Obligations 

5-19-20 Labor Board Temporarily Changes Notice Posting Requirement Due To Pandemic

0 Manufacturing Workers and Employers : CDC Update

5-15-20 Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers Responding to COVID-19 (Updated)

5-15-20 Employers To The Rescue . . . Maybe! IRS Permits Additional Flexibility For Cafeteria Plan Elections And Carryovers

5-13-20 Returning Employees To Work Following Unemployment Requires A Tailored 10-Step Plan Of Action

5-12-20 Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers Responding to COVID-19

5-7-20 Employers Get EEO-1 Reporting Reprieve In 2020
5-7-20 Litigation Seeking Unpaid Wages From Employers Impacted By COVID-19 Has Arrived 

5-6-20 New COVID-19 Lawsuit Sends Warning To Employers Too Large To Be Covered By FFCRA
5-6-20 Fair WARNing: COVID-19 WARN Act Class Action Filed Against Hooters (warning for all employers)

5-4-20 CDC Discontinuation of Isolation for Persons with COVID-19 Not in Healthcare Settings
5-4-20 CDC Updated FAQ for General Businesses
5-4-20 6 Factors Employers Must Consider When Taking Employees’ Temperatures

Develop A Proactive COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan Or Risk Employees Seeking Court Intervention

Update Links Below
- OSHA MFG Poster

- 10 Steps to Reduce Risk Poster
- DoL Unemployment Insurance FAQ
- EEOC ADA Guidance
- LEAR Safe Work Playbook
- FFCRA Time Off Poster
- OSHA Occupation Risk Triangle Poster
- CDC Business FAQ (includes employee screening guidance and information cleaning equipment) 
- CDC Guidance on Reopening 
- AICPA PPP Application and Forgiveness Recommendations
- IRS Wage Deductibility and PPP Forgiveness Notice 

4-29-20 EEOC Offers Guidance To Employers Preparing To Reopen Their Workplaces 

4-28-20 Government Doubles Down On Warning To Employers Accepting Small Business Loans

4-27-20 The Virtues And Vices Of Voluntary Attendance Policies In The COVID-19 Era

4-24-20 FAQs For Employers Navigating Relaxed I-9 Verification Requirements

4-23-20 What Employers Need To Know About The White House’s COVID-19 Immigration Proclamation 
4-23-20 Feds Issue Warning To Employers Accepting COVID-19 PPP Loans – And Provide Escape Plan 
4-23-20 Don’t Forget the Basics When Reopening Your Retail Business: A 5-Point Plan

4-22-20 Refilling The Well: Senate Passes $300 Billion Spending Package For Strained Paycheck Protection Program  

4-21-20 BEYOND THE CURVE: Post-Pandemic Back-To-Business FAQs
For Employers

4-20-20 Attendance Bonuses During COVID-19 Rebuilding Can Lead To Unintended Legal Consequences
4-20-20 What Employers Can Learn From The First FFCRA Interference And Retaliation Lawsuits
4-20-20 Executive Order on National Emergency Authority to Temporarily Extend Deadlines for Certain Estimated Payments
4-20-20 4-Step Plan For Handling Confirmed COVID-19 Cases When Your Business Reopens 
4-20-20 5 Steps To Reopen Your Workplace, According To CDC’s Latest Guidance
4-20-20 Federal Court Decision Highlights Efficient And Effective Ways To Address Suspected FMLA Misuse
4-20-20 The Ties That Bind: NLRB Division Of Advice Rebukes Union Limitations On Employees’ Right to Resign Membership 

4-19-20 CARES Act & Select Business Provisions
4-19-20 Washington D.C. issues Guidelines for Opening Up America Again

4-18-20 OSHA's Response to Workplace Safety and Coronavirus Exposure
4-18-20 Updated CISA Guidance on Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers

4-17-20 Reminder: Conduct An Adverse Impact Analysis Prior To Any COVID-19 Reductions In Force
4-17-20 Labor Department Issues USERRA Guidance For Employers During COVID-19 Pandemic

4-14-20 U.S. Department of Labor Announces OSHA Interim Enforcement Response Plan to Protect Workers during the Coronavirus Pandemic

4-13-20 Measuring Worker Temperatures Could Lead To Wage And Hour Claims
4-13-20 How To Avoid Wrongful Death And Injury Claims For Workplace COVID-19 Exposure
4-13-20 OSHA Provides Recordkeeping Guidance To Employers For COVID-19 Cases
4-13-20 COVID-19 Options for Student Loan Borrowers
4-13-20 USDL Enforcement Guidance for Recording Cases of Coronavirus Disease 2019

4-10-20 Supreme Court Makes It Easier For Federal Workers To Prove Age Discrimination 
4-10-20 Unionized Covid-19 Loan Recipients Face Troubling Non-Abrogation Commitment

4-9-20 CAL/OSHA Provides Guidance On COVID-19 Infection Prevention For Agricultural Industry
4-9-20 CDC Significantly Relaxes Essential Worker Return-To-Work Standards After COVID-19 Exposure
4-9-20 CDC: Interim Guidance for Implementing Safety Practices for Critical Infrastructure Workers Who May Have Had Exposure to a Person with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19
4-9-20 CDC: Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
4-9-20 Fisher Phillips FFCRA Leave Request Form (updated)

4-8-20 What Employers Need To Know About The Unemployment Provisions Of The CARES Act
4-8-20 Protected Concerted Activity: The Next COVID-19 Challenge For Union And NonUnion Employers Alike
4-8-20 Cloth Face Coverings At Work: Are They Personal Protective Equipment, And Who Pays For Them?
4-8-20 Ohio is offering Reimbursement for virtual technology upskilling during COVID-19

4-7-20 COVID-19 Employee Leave Form Template (From Allways Precision, Inc)
4-7-20 OSHA Issues New Guidance Given N95 Mask Shortage During COVID-19 Pandemic 
4-7-20 OSHA Enforcement Guidance for Respiratory Protection and the N95 Shortage Due to COVID19
4-7-20 Emergency Paid Sick Leave Request Form (from Mercury Manufacturing Company)
4-7-20 Emergency FMLA Request Form (from Mercury Manufacturing Company)
4-7-20 PartnerShip COVID-19 Update

4-6-20 Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Emergency FMLA Request Form Template (from DACRUZ Manufacturing)
4-3-20 Ensure That Your Customer Relationships Outlast Coronavirus
4-3-20 7 Questions to Raise Immediately After Your Laid Off 
4-2-20 COVID-19 Guidance And FAQs For Unionized Employers
4-2-20 Labor Board Finalizes Amendments To Union Election Rules
4-2-20 Top 10 Things Employers Need To Know About DOL’s New COVID-19 Rules
4-2-20 CDC’s Updated Return-To-Work Standards May Be Helpful To Businesses 

4-1-20 NLRB General Counsel Offers Welcome Guidance On Duty To Bargain During The Unprecedented COVID-19 Era
3-31-20 Federal Student Loans: Coronavirus and Forbearance Info for Students, Borrowers, and Parents
3-30-20 Updated Workplace FAQs For Healthcare Providers And 8-Point COVID-19 Action Plan

3-29-20 Labor Department Throws COVID-19 Curveball In Latest Guidance, Suggests Shut Down Employees Won’t Qualify For Leave
3-27-20 Important Labor Law Implications Of Latest Federal COVID-19 Law

Sensemaking of the CARES Act Memorandum (Via Fisher Phillips)
Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act Memorandum (via The Franklin Partnership)

U.S. Dept of Labor Workplace Poster Website

3-26-20 Families First Coronavirus Response Act Poster for Federal Employees
3-25-20 Families First Coronavirus Response Act FAQ's From Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division
3-25-20 Families First Coronavirus Response Act Poster From Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division
3-24-20 Labor Department Offers Guidance On Families First Coronavirus Response Act Effective As Of April 1st

3-24-20 Retail Industry Guidance For COVID-19 Outbreak
3-23-20 CISA Memorandum On Identification Of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During Covid-19 Response and Guidance*
3-23-20 CDC Interim Guidance for Business Response and Employers to Plan and Respond to COVID-19
3-23-20 Employers Grapple With Essential Business Designations Resulting From Shelter-In Place and Shutdown Orders
3-22-20 Stay Tuned: Federal Government Announces COVID-19 Relief For Small And Midsize Businesses
3-19-20 Defense Production Act and COVID-19
3-19-20 Comprehensive And Updated FAQs For Employers On The COVID-19 Coronavirus
3-18-20 Congress Finalizes COVID-19 Response Act: Prepare To Provide Paid Sick Leave & FMLA
3-17-20 OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID19
3-17-20 Stay Home If You Are Sick!
3-17-20 Why You Should Care
3-17-20 What to do if you are sick with COVID-19
3-17-20 Do Your Part: Slow the Spread of Germs
3-17-20 What you need to know about COVID-19
3-16-20 COVID-19 Upward Trajectory or Flattened Curve? 
OSHA Basic Infection Prevention Guide
Disaster Plan (2017)
3-11-20 COVID-19 Visitor Questionnaire
3-11-20 COVID-19 Policy
3-2-20 COVID-19 Prevention & Treatment
3-2-20 Share Facts About COVID-19

6-24-20 Reopening Ontario
6-15-20 Helping workplaces prevent the spread and reopen for business
6-15-20 Managing Your Business During COVID-19
4-6-20 The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

3-23-20 Ontario orders all non-essential businesses to close
3-20-20 Canada's Latest COVID-19 Health Notice Page

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