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Lisa Ryan

Manufacturing Engagement: To Create a Workplace Culture that ROCKS!

Lisa Ryan is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), best-selling author of eleven books, and award-winning speaker.   With her boundless enthusiasm and infectious energy, Lisa is a master at developing winning employee and client strategies that keep top talent and the best customers from becoming someone else’s. You’ll not only be armed with knowledge but with a comprehensive toolkit designed to enhance your organization’s dynamics.  You’ll leave with actionable solutions to transform your workplace culture. From strategies for attracting and retaining top talent to fostering skill development and connection, Lisa will prepare you to create a workplace that truly ROCKS!

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Connor Lokar, ITR Economics

2024–2025: Anticipating Business Cycle Changes

Conflicting trends characterized much of 2023. Some leading indicators were rising; others remained in decline. Interest rates remained perilously high, and people tended to make a certain assumption: “If nothing bad has happened by now…”  Connor Lokar will look at the trends for 2024, including a weakening economy, lower inflation, and a shift in consumer spending.  He will also take a look at key domestic and global markets. With this presentation, you will have the time to develop tactics and strategies to beat the cycle and prepare for the inevitable business cycle rise ahead. Knowing what to watch for and the probable timing of the reversal to rise will give you confidence as you lay out your plans.

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Spouse/Guest Networking Event

Boat Cruise on Lady Bird Lake

Come and enjoy a relaxing 2-hour boat cruise along Lady Bird Lake with exceptional views of downtown Austin from the water.  This fun event will allow you to mix and mingle with spouses and guests – renew friendships – create new!   The Capitol Cruise boat departs and returns to the dock just behind the Hyatt Austin Regency hotel.

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Pete Tosh, The Focus Group

Managing Toxic and Other Employees with Attitude Issues

Pete Tosh, founder of The Focus Group, a management consulting firm that assists organizations in sustaining profitable growth.  Toxic employees are those we often refer to as control freaks, manipulators, bullies, narcissists and gossips.  They have interpersonal styles that demonstrate a pattern of counter-productive work behaviors.  Pete will share his tactics for identifying toxic employees and discuss their impact on the human and financial costs of the company, as well as effective approaches for addressing and preventing toxicity in the workplace.

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Breakout Sessions (repeated) 

AI in Manufacturing

PMPA IT Committee

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing rapidly, and it is transforming every walk of life. PMPA’s IT Committee will break down AI – what it is, where it is currently in development and where it is going.   They will also discuss how it is being used in manufacturing and the pros and cons of AI usage in your shop.  Bring your questions and concerns.



Employment Assessment and Its Value to your Business

Jay Hawreluk, AcuMax Index

Jay Hawreluk, Founder and CEO of AcuMax Index, explains the value and benefits of incorporating a validated employment assessment into your organization, including legal protections, saving time and money in the hiring process, focused onboarding methodologies, reduced turnover, effective promotion and advancements, as well as strong team building.  Learn how an employment assessment method can put your business on another level.



Regulatory Refresher

Miles Free, PMPA

Join PMPA’s Director of Industry Affairs as he recaps the latest changes in regulations that our shops currently  have to deal with as well as a sneak peek at what’s ahead. Find out why those Memoranda of Understanding between agencies actually raise the stakes for your failures to comply from misdemeanor civil penalties to felony charges. Takeaways will include authoritative summaries with Links so that you can address these issues with confidence.

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YETI© Happy Hour Reception Presented by

Saturday, March 2

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Group Breakfast

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Michael F. Roizen, M.D, Cleveland Clinic

Health & Wellness

Wouldn’t you like to know how to prevent your body from aging badly?  Chief Wellness Officer with the Cleveland Clinic and #1 New York Times best-seller Dr. Michael Roizen explains how you can reclaim your prime years and live a longer, younger life.  Staying young encompasses your emotional and mental health, as well as your exercise, eating habits, and genes. In this engaging and very motivating presentation, you’ll get the facts and advice you need to keep your body running long and strong. Dr. Roizen presents a new perspective on how to alter bad health habits and will offer a life-changing how-to plan for fending off the gremlins of aging so you look and feel younger, have more energy, and are more productive in life and work.

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Robert Duffy and Elizabeth Niedringhaus, SSE Inc.

NIST 800-171 and CMMC – 2024 Updates, Planning and Risks for Manufacturers

Bob Duffy and Elizabeth Niedringhaus, SSE, Inc. (a DoD contractor) will provide an informative discussion that will help manufactures better understand current and evolving contractual cybersecurity requirements, recently announced rulemaking from the US Department of Defense (DoD), and what all organization should do in preparation for 2024 and beyond.  Sharing a case study of a PMPA member, they will outline how manufacturers can become compliant.

This session will cover:
‐ The latest CMMC updates and 􀆟meline
‐ What manufacturers need to know about current contractual requirements and the poten􀆟al risks
‐ Key takeaways from the planned NIST 800‐171 Rev. 3
‐ The importance of documenta􀆟on; policy, SSP and POAMs
‐ How manufacturers can become compliant, including a case study of a PMPA Member

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Group Lunch Presented by

Hill Country C

11:30am – 1:00pm

Executive Committee Meeting (and Lunch)

Texas Ballroom 5 – 7

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Roundtable Sessions

The round table discussion session is a structured networking opportunity that allows attendees to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of member company peers from across the industry to learn about innovative technologies and workplace initiatives, as well as share ideas and solutions to mutual challenges.

To give attendees adequate time for discussion and to participate in more than one topic, two 45-minute time frames will be placed on each discussion session.

Discussion table topics to include the following:

  • Vendor Contracts
    • Facilitator:  Miles Free, PMPA
    • Room:  Texas Ballroom #5
    • Take this opportunity to pick Miles’ brain about what to include and what not to include in customer/vendor contracts.  Share your experiences and learn what works and what doesn’t.
  • Human Resources Open Discussion
    • Facilitator:  Melanie Webber, Fisher Phillips LLP
    • Room:  Texas Ballroom #6
    • Got an “HR issue?”   Get some guidance from Melanie and your peers.
  • OSHA / Government Visits
    • Facilitator:  David Wynn, PMPA
    • Room:  Texas Ballroom #7
    • Do you and/or your employees know what to do if OSHA shows up at your door?  Do you have a process?  David discusses suggestions for a plan of action that every shop should have.
  • Complete Compliance for Federal Projects & Primes to the Gov’t
    • Facilitator:  Jon Kirk, Kirk Precision Machining
    • Room:  Texas Ballroom
    • Jon Kirk shares the step by step process Kirk Precision Machining completed to become fully compliant with CMMC/NIST.  Bring your questions and notepad for notetaking!
  • CMMC / NIST Criteria 
    • Facilitator:  Bob Duffy, SSE Inc.
    • Room: Texas Ballroom
    • Bob Duffy will answer your direct questions about the new proposed ruling on CMMC and how it may affect your organization.  Come with your questions and concerns.
  • Continuous Improvement in Your Workplace
    • Facilitator:  Mike Goldman, Camcraft, Inc.
    • Room:  Texas Ballroom
    • Mike Goldman shares how the continuous improvement process at Camcraft has helped make their plant more efficient.  Listen to and take away ideas on what other members are doing in their shops.
  • Employee Centric Health & Wellness
    • Facilitator:  Jeff Ohlemacher, EMC Precision
    • Room:  Texas Ballroom
    • Jeff Ohlemacher is a big proponent of employee health and wellness in his shop – learn why it works for EMC and how he was able to get everyone on board and “all in!”
  • Automation (Processes, best practices, successes)
    • Facilitator:  Jim Preston, Jr., Meier Screw Products & Mfg.
    • Room:  Texas Ballroom
    • Jim Preston, Jr. offers suggestions for shop automation and how he incorporates it into Meier Screw Products.  What ideas can you offer?
  • Talent Assessment Options
    • Facilitator:  Renee Schroeder, Smith & Richardson
    • Room:  Texas Ballroom
    • Renee Schroeder shares how using a talent assessment process is vital to Smith & Richardson’s hiring and retention.  Share and learn from others their experience with other talent assessment programs – you may like what you hear!


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Melanie Webber, Fisher Phillips LLP

Current HR Issues

Human resources expert, Melanie Webber of Fisher Phillips LLP, will discuss the current challenges in our shops and effective strategies to address them. Topics include guidelines for updating precision machining protocols, navigating the evolving landscape of unionization processes, coping with the growing acceptance of cannabis in various jurisdictions, and managing the escalating risks of penalties and legal consequences for noncompliance.

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Closing Reception