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There are immediate jobs for people with skills in manufacturing today.


You can get the skills in just a couple of semesters at your local community college.

PMPA has created a career database to help you find the skilled training program in your area.

We visited Cuyahoga Community College, where they have plenty of job openings posted from local employers as you can see in our video.

9 thoughts on “Manufacturing Jobs Available Right Now!

  1. Great video.Link is given in the post and I had open that and get some information.Interested people can give their resume to them.

  2. I agree Miles, our young can make a good investment in their future by investing only a couple years in Precision Machining training with the potential future growth of the machining industry. They are more likely to accurately predict job demand in just 2 years, than they are in 4 years. Its good advice, and maybe in 2 yrs when they finish the community college machining training, the jobs board will have just as many jobs as it does today in your video.

    (It has always been a common sales trick of colleges, to show jobs of today as if the opening will still be there in 2-4 years, to naive parents and students. Technical colleges promising job placement to students, only to fall short of that promise to the majority of their students because that couple doesn’t jobs displayed as a carrot, doesn’t help all the 200-2000 students graduating 2 years from now.)

    Students and parents should ask educational institution for their history of percentage of job placement for their students side by side with legit Government study of future projection of job demand for that particular field, and project pay/cost of living for that particular occupation they are considering. A student needs to evaluate the risk, that they may invest money in 2 years controls technician training and in 2 years wind up being only an operator making less money, or worse, working at McDonalds’ because the demand in 2 years is no longer there because of the push to train so many other competing precision machine operators. 🙂

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