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With 84 companies responding, the PMPA Business Trends Index in March roared in from February’s 122 to a seasonally correct but record breaking 138. We don’t expect to use Santa references in our professional writing in March, but based on that strong 138 showing we “checked our list twice.” No anomalous entries. Nobody keying in an extra digit in sales. Ten shops reported sales increases of 40% or more.

New Record!
New Record!

At 138, our index is 7 points above our October 2014 record of 131, a five percent (5%) increase in reported sales by our respondents. Adding to the credibility of this “Lion Market” indicator, you will find our article in the May issue of Production Machining “Prosperity In 2015: If You Dare” that reviews the very positive economic forecast by Brian Beaulieu of ITR given at our Management Update meeting.
Also corroborating our report is Steve Kline Jr.’s March Gardner Business Index Report:
“With a reading of 54.3, the Gardner Business Index showed that the production machining industry expanded for the second month in a row and at its fastest rate since June last year. The industry clearly has been trending up since November. The industry has expanded 3 of the previous 4 months… New orders grew for the third time in 4 months. Growth in new orders has been quite strong the previous 2 months. Production increased for the 15th consecutive month. The index has been on a significant uptrend since December, and it is at its highest level since June 2014.”
Bulls? Bears?
Nope! In like a LION. Do you dare to manage for prosperity in 2015?
 March 2015 PMPA Business Trends Report

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