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New Stormwater Regulations (in Ohio) – Training Manual

Monday June 04, 2012


The State of Ohio is in the process of updating its Stormwater General Permit to match the Federal multi sector requirements. The new permit is 171 pages long and involves greatly increased testing and monitoring.

We urge you to give consideration to the NO Exposure Conditional Exclusion described in one of the attachments below. Attachments are provided for a review of SPCC plans, as well as the Stormwater Webinar and supporting documents presented by Barb Knecht of Hzw Environmental on September 20th.

(Note: Materials are prepared anticipating the State of Ohio’s Promulgation of the regulations. The SPCC materials and other resources may be appropriate for shops in other states for planning and forward looking activities.)


SPCC Training Compatibility Mode

Changes in General Industrial Storm Water Permit

Industrial Storm Water Draft 

Industrial Storm Water Final

No Exposure Guidance

Notice of Intent Form September 2011