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Seth Godin has just published his latest book, The Icarus Deception.

It is a challenging read for all of us who are finding that keeping our heads down, staying under the radar, and blindly complying are no longer even “safe behaviors” in today’s economy.

For those of us who heed the old rule to not fly too close to the sun.

Read this book!
Read this book!

Are you following (or even worse enforcing) the old rules in your shop?

  • Playing it safe
  • Better safe than sorry
  • Stick to the plan
  • Blend in

Seth shows the new truths we need to master today. It is better to:

  • Be sorry than safe
  • Perform rather than fit in
  • Fly higher than to stay in our comfort zone

Many readers will find a disconnect because they don’t think of themselves as ‘Artists.’ And because Seth says that industrialism is dead- and we make our living in manufacturing.

But as craftsmen, we embody the attitude of the Artist in our work every day:

  • The vision of what is needed to be done
  • The knowledge of how to do it
  • The ability to make it so

More importantly, we have  the courage to do our thing.

Read this book. Empower yourself.


2 thoughts on “Old Rule vs New Truth

  1. Miles,

    Thanks for posting this. One of the themes I keep pounding home is craftsmanship. Sure, today we have unbelievable technology that our fathers and grandparents could have only dreamed about. No question. But the real differentiator in the machining business is still what is has always been…craftsman. Lots of shops have the same technology and machines…even the same brands. The shops who place these incredible machines in the hands of a craftsman achieve amazing results while those who don’t…don’t. There is no substitute for craftsmanship in the machining industry…there never will be. That’s my take.


  2. speakingofprecision says:

    John, thank you for your thoughtful comment. I believe that I will use your thoughts as the basis for a post on the subject of Craftsmanship.

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