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For every full time job created in the United States in 2013, we have created 4 part time jobs.

If we were recovering, we would be creating more fulltime positions and fewer part time ones.

This ratio increasing is not a good thing for the economy or our workforce.
This ratio increasing is not a good thing for the economy or our workforce.

According to Forbes:Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that the ratio of part-time to full-time jobs has completely flipped this year from historical trends.  Last year, six full-time jobs were created for every one part time job.  This year, only one full-time job is being created for every four new part-time jobs.”

On Aug. 2, the BLS  reported nearly 90 million Americans were not currently in the labor force  in July, with the percentage of the civilian non-institutional population not in  the labor force now registering 36 percent.

The U-6 unemployment rate is 14%; the real unemployment rate- including those whop have given up looking for work is some number above 20%.

Advanced manufacturing, on the other hand offers skilled employees greater than full time employment.

Because of the shortage of skilled employees, half of our responding companies in our monthly Business Trends Survey are scheduling overtime. July Business Trends

So why no big speeches or parades or media events celebrating Labor Day this year?

Its because of the dire employment situation, silly!

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4 thoughts on “Part Time Nation- So Much for Labor Day

  1. Miles, I’m worried about what happens when Obamacare hits. I know a number of business owners will be doing the math to figure out whether to continue offering HC benefits, take the fine or drop their employees hours under the threshold for full time.

    I don’t believe the blood letting in employment has even begun in earnest.

  2. Andrew, UPS already dropped Healthcare coverage for spouses:
    We agree that ‘we ain’t seen nothin’ yet’ in this area.

    We are encouraged to see that in our industry, over half of employers are still scheduling shifts in excess of 40 hours. But As small businesses, thay are making hell or high water sure to stay below the threshold of employee count to stay out of the ACA mandates.

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