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The uhh- “techie” part of us is celebrating Pi Day at 1:59 pm today

Today 3-14 at 1:59  I will be celebrqting Pi Day. 3.14159 is the value of pi to 5 decimals...
Today 3-14 at 1:59 I will be celebrating Pi Day. 3.14159 is the value of pi to 5 decimals…

So besides being  the cause of much techie “irrational” exuberance, Pi Day  is a great way to get some engagement with students.

Marymount High School has several activities, last year they had a design competition incorporating pi; the students then made and sold buttons of each design, proceeds going to the Red Cross.

Hmm- math subject matter, design, production, sales, accounting.

Sounds like what we do in manufacturing.

Maybe celebrating Pi Day is not so irrational as first thought.

Pi day, is not just about the Pi(e), as much as it can be about showing relevance of math and integrating their skills  and engaging students differently.

How did you celebrate Pi Day? What are your plans for next year?  For 2015?

p.s., mine was Peach…

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