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PMPA Business Trends April 2019


“Sales Index 2019 YTD – Very Strong Forward Sentiment”


With 81 companies responding, the PMPA Business Trends Index for April 2019 came in at 136, up 3 points (2.26%) from April 2018’s value of 133. This is our Index’s highest value recorded for April, making April 2019 our 5th highest month ever recorded. At 136, the April index is up 11.2 points or 9.0% over the 5-year average of 124.8 for the April Sales Index. Our year to date average is 140, up 6 points or 4.5% over 2018’s year-end average of 134. We are at 102% of where we were a year ago in April. See the Special Note at the end of this report.