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PMPA Business Trends January 2018


With 82 companies responding, the PMPA Business Trends Index for January 2018 jumped to 135, up 25% over December 2017, and up 5% over January 2017. This is up 8.9% over the five year average for January Sales. This 135 value is a new record for our January Sales Index- Last year’s 128 (tied with 2013) was the prior record. What it feels like-your experience getting orders produced and shipped in January felt a lot like it did for you in 2012 and 2014 when your shipments were up by 26-29% over December. What we are hearing “falling behind…exceeded forecast by 10%…Can’t get it out quick enough…Picking which jobs to run…” Almost three quarters of shops reporting (74.3%) reported sales increases up by ten percent or more in January.