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PMPA Business Trends January 2019


“January Sales Record- Positive 3 Months Ahead”


With 84 companies responding, the PMPA Business Trends Index for January 2019 jumped to 142, up 15% over December 2018, and up 5% over January 2018. This is virtually an identical repeat of last January’s performance. The January 2019 value is up 13% over the five-year average for the January BT Sales index! This 142 is a new record for January sales index, just as last January’s 135 value was in 2018.

(Procedural note; 22 of our 84 respondents reported sales increase greater than 50% ; 5 of those reported greater than 100% increases in January compared to December. We confirmed the reported values with each of these shops, and only one had been incorrectly reported. We have verified the performance reported.)