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PMPA Business Trends November 2019


Business Trends Sales Index -Still Positive for the Year

“No denying seasonal effects on shipments of our products.”


Tis the Season- but not for shipping components! With 80 companies responding, the PMPA Business Trends Index for November came in at 123, down 12 points (8.8%) from October, and down 7 points (5.4%) from November of 2018. The Index average for the year is 135, up 1 point or 0.7% from last year’s 134. Despite the low value, November’s index is up 6 points or 5.1% from the five-year average for November. The 3-month moving average of this sales index is clearly moving away from the 12-month moving average- welcome to Q4 seasonality. Bottom line- not as bad as it could be- essentially even with last year