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PMPA Business Trends October 2018


“Unbelievable- But Verified!


With 81 companies responding, the PMPA Business Trends Index for October 2018 increased to 152, an all-time high! Several companies notified us proactively that “You are not going to believe how high our sales are this month, ” when they reported. Seventy-one of eighty-one reported sales up- fifty- seven of those up double digits! We reviewed each entry and made follow up calls on those showing very high double digits increases. No miss-reported figures and no typos. We did a final confirmation sample of over 10% of respondents. The Sales Index for October at 152 is based on valid data. Reality check- despite the strong October sales, respondents’ sentiment for Sales and Lead time for the next three months is lower, recognizing the seasonal factors of our industry sales. For the first time this year, our sales outlook shows no growth. Our Sales index is 117% of its value one year ago. The five-year average for October is 125.8, making this October reading 20.8% higher than the five-year average for October’s index. Our year to date average is 137, up 12 points or 9.6%
over 2017’s year-end average of 125. How does your shop’s sales compare?