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PMPA Government Affairs Committee Chairman Brad Smith of Indianapolis based The Mitchel Group particpated in a round table discussion with members of Congress serving on the Small Business Working Group.

Brad Smith  at a recent Congressional Small Business Working Group Meeting
Brad Smith at a recent Congressional Small Business Working Group Meeting

Brad raised the impact of tax reform on small manufacturing businesses and detailed how existing tax deductions and credits are used by shops like ours to improve our global competitiveness.

The House Ways and Means Committee established eleven tax reform working groups to explore the impact of tax policy on various industries and individuals.

Brad Smith had a seat at the table representing our industry.

Findings from all of the eleven tax reform working groups must be submitted to the Joint Committee on Taxation by the end of April for inclusion in the May 6th public report.

PMPA is pleased to offer our members both sensemaking on regulatory developments and facilitate their sharing of issues with elected and appointed officials in Washington D.C..

PMPA delivers ‘Regulatory Assurance’ to help member shops understand and comply with regulations and avoid severe penalties.

We just posted our Dodd Frank Section 1502 Conflict Minerals Guidance on our website.

At the same time, we are an Amicus on a court case challenging the SEC Conflict Minerals Final Rule.

And we just hosted a Washington D.C. Fly-In event to meet with Congressmen and Senators to discuss current impacts on our manufacturing businesses.

In the area of regulatory and Washington D.C impacts on small manufacturing businesses – PMPA is the figurative ‘helping hand’ providing assistance so our members can remain compliant, competitive, and sustainable.

 How do you intelligently manage the risk of the onslaught of regulations, requirements, and potential new legislation on your shop?

PMPA members recognize “Regulatory Assurance” as just one of a number of deliverables to help them stay competitive.

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