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PMPA Welcomes Two New Staff Members


The PMPA staff is proud to announce that Joe Gentile has joined PMPA as our new Membership Specialist!  Joe will be responsible for getting prospective members to sign on the dotted line.  He has the experience, knowledge and credibility of being a PMPA member – we look forward to him now closing deals for PMPA!

Joe has been around machining since the age of 17 when he started helping his dad, then worked in various shops until he opened his own shop with his dad and brothers in 1987. Many of you know Joe from his time with Hangsterfer’s Laboratories, where he rose to Product Manager and travelled the world.

“I was really impressed with PMPA camaraderie and efforts to share best practices, and as a technical member I tried to share as much as I could to help everyone,” Joe says.  “I’ve met many people who want to share their knowledge within PMPA, and I look forward to introducing PMPA to more potential members.”


PMPA is also pleased to announce David Wynn as our new Technical Services Director.  David was the CFO of ABF Engineering and Machining, a small third-generation screw machine shop in South Fulton, Tennessee.  He is also a former member of the Finance Committee and Board of Directors.  David, who holds an MBA from the University of Tennessee, will begin “apprenticing” with Miles Free over the next year.

“I started working at our family business while a senior in high school. In over 20 years at ABF, I have had experience in a wide array of activities in the precision machining industry, including running everything from Brown and Sharpe screw machines to CNC Swiss.  I worked on the shop floor running secondaries; then while in college, started moving my way through quoting and management,” said David. “After graduating college with an MBA from the University of Tennessee, I decided to stay with the family business and moved into executive management, serving as CFO for the past 8 years.” 

He adds, “While finishing my masters, I was looking for resources to help our company improve and began digging into the old NSMPA manuals we had in the office.  Since the organization was still going strong, we decided to join.  PMPA has been a strong partner in moving my business forward.  Many of the techniques and practices we do today are thanks to the PMPA and member companies.   PMPA is a unique organization that has so much to offer the precision machining industry.  We truly are better together.

I am excited to transition to the PMPA team to continue to drive that mission forward.  I have several ideas of projects and services that I’m excited to share with the membership to continue to enhance the great support provided by the association to member companies.  I look forward to working for you all.”


Contact Joe Gentile – gro.apmp@elitnegj

Contact David Wynn – gro.apmp@nnywd