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 PPE Hazard Assessment


Thursday May 08, 2008

Certification of PPE Hazard Assessment Is Required Under 29 CFR 1910.132

To certify PPE hazard analysis required under 29 CFR 1910.132, a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment Assessment) must be completed.

We are providing forms for use to identify hazards and the PPE required. We have reviewed a number of forms and formats and believe that these forms will help you make thorough and effective assessments. See Link below.

A job specific analysis can be undertaken, however many of our shops have reported success using a “Shop Operations” approach to identify hazards that all personnel in their shop face.

Here are some tips for your assessment based on my shop visits, review of OSHA citations for our industry, training and experience.

  • Slips and falls– Determine best footwear/soles for your environment
  • Pinchpoints– Especially when using cranes and straps to lift material
  • Lockout- tagout – Lock becomes workers PPE
  • Hand and portable tools – Safety glasses, long sleeves, steel toes
  • Abrasive wheel machinery – Safety glasses!
  • Flying chips – Safety Glasses
  • Overhead materials falling – Steel toes
  • Splashing of fluids – Safety glasses, long sleeves, protective aprons or other apparel if applicable.


One final note: It isn’t just metal chips, burrs, metal banding, or tools that can cut skin, I once had to transport an employee to the hospital for stitches from a paper cut from the paper we used to wrap steel bundles- 4” gash on forearm, job became long sleeve…

For further information and links to the OSHA Publications and regulations, see our article on page 17 in the April 2008 issue of Production Machining Magazine at:

For Some Helpful OSHA websites see link below:

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