We reported that the California  Energy Commission requested the US EPA to delay rules requiring permits for Greenhouse gases here.

No permit needed, it's only GREENHOUSE GAS in tonnage quantities!

This struck us as  both hypocritical and ironic. Why shouldn’t gas fired boilers used for power in California  that belch  out 25,000 tons or more of greenhouse gas be required to have an EPA permit?
I mean 25,000 tons of greenhouse gases seems like a big enough number to merit tracking.
Private industry has been filing reports on some substances for quantities as little as 10 pounds.
10 pounds!
EPA caved in, according to my read of  a report by John M.Broder in the Tuesday March 30, 2010 New York Times. According to his story, Emily Litella Lisa Jackson  said the timetable for permits was “a calibrated plan to begin to apply the Clean Air Act to major stationary sources of heat trapping gases.”
Apparently by waiving the need  for power plants to be permitted.
Lisa Jackson greenhouse gas- Never mind!

Do you think it’s right that industry has to file reports on as little as 10 pounds  of some substances, while the California Energy Commission gets a “Never Mind” waiver on power plants emitting  25,000 tons of greenhouse gases from   Emily Latella Lisa Jackson at the EPA?
Here’s a song for you, Ms. Jackson.