Manufacturing is unremarkable, when the Government talks about workplace fatalities.
That’s a good thing!

Manufacturing didn't make the chart!

The real good news in the  latest BLS report is that “the number of fatal work injuries in both the private and public sectors declined by 17% in 2009.”
The preliminary total  for 2009 was 4340, down from 5214 fatal workplace injuries in 2008.
While economic factors certainly played a part, we believe that the 17% decrease in fatalities  is more than just a reflection of the 6% decrease in hours worked in 2009 vs 2008.
The four most frequent types of  fatal workplace  injuries  1992-2009, according to the BLS are Highway incidents, Homicides, Falls, and Struck by Object.
For the record, Manufacturing accounted for 304 fatal work injuries,  and a  fatal work injury rate of 2.2 per 100,000 full time equivalent workers hours worked.
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