Comment period open until February 16, 2012.

The notice in the federal register identifies Manufacturing Sector NAICS codes 31-33 (thats us!) as potentially affected by the proposed changes.

Got UST's?

EPA’s proposal revises the UST technical regulation in 40 CFR part 280 by:

  • Adding secondary containment requirements for new and replaced tanks and piping
  • Adding operator training requirements for UST system owners and operators
  • Adding periodic operation and maintenance requirements for UST systems
  • Removing certain deferrals
  • Adding new release prevention and detection technologies
  • Updating codes of practice

While we don’t see this update as unreasonable (its been 24 years since the 1988 UST regs first came into effect)  we could see how the updates could result in large expenses by small manufacturers if they are required to update secondary containment and interstitial montitoring for their USTs.

Federal Register Notice UST

EPA UST  Proposed Regs Page

If you would like to comment- here’s the link: UST Proposed Reg Comments

Need training in this area? Rutgers is offerring a UST training course on March 6, 2012

Why this rule?

Because we all deserve better than this.

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