American Honda Motor company is  a major employer in Ohio with about 13,700 employees and three major plants. Now Honda is exporting more cars  than it imports. 

American Honda is a "New Domestic" company and is now exporting more than it imports.
American Honda is a “New Domestic” company  located in Ohio and purchases machined components from a number of PMPA member companies.

We wrote about the opportunity to embrace “The New Domestics” as customers as well as presented a business case analysis at a meeting of a number of PMPA member Automotive Focused Parts Producers in 2009.
So we were not surprised to see a small article in our local paper that American Honda is now exporting more vehicles than it imports. And our  follow-up search turned up the fact that they are also the only manufacturer with THREE car lines selling more than 300,000 vehicles in 2013. According to, Honda sold 366,678 Accords, 336,180 Civics, and 303,904 CR-Vs.
When I was working for the steel company, we put multiple truckloads of high quality steel into Honda and its suppliers’ plants every week. High quality, high-tech, highly engineered steel.
We love foreign direct investment. We love the fact that Honda is paying the wages of about 13,700 employees here in Ohio. We love the fact that Honda is exporting more vehicles than it is importing.
And we love knowing that they are purchasing highly engineered, performance and safety critical components from PMPA members around the country.
Congratulations Honda. Congratulations, U.S. Manufacturing!

Does your business plan include the New Domestics?