Industry Week’s report on the AISI’s annual meeting in Colorado Springs is the Official report on AISI website.
Here are a few key highlights.

  • U.S. steel shipments will rise 14% in 2011 to approximately 90 million tons as the industry continues to rebound from the recession,  according to Nucor Chairman and CEO Daniel DiMicco
  •  In March finished steel imports into the United States rose to their highest level since January 2009, said DiMicco, who also serves as AISI chairman.
  •  Demand from the commercial and residential construction industry remains weak and is not expected to reach pre-recession levels until 2012 at the earliest, said DiMicco.
  •  Increased demand from infrastructure construction projects has the potential create up to 3 million jobs over the next several years, said Mario Longhi, president and CEO of Gerdau Ameristeel Corp. and AISI director.

PMPA’s own Business Trends shows a recovery in progress. AISI reporting Steel Shipments up 14% and record imports confirm this- Steel is foundational to economic activity.
If you think steel prices are high now wait until  commercial and residential construction recovers in a year or so…

In 2010, worldwide crude steel output totaled 1.4 billion metric tons, a 15 percent increase over 2009 and a new record for annual global steel production, according to the World Steel Association.

We're talkin STEEL!

In the United States, crude steel output rose to 80.6 million metric tons in 2010. This is an increase of 38.5 % over 2009. Imports of finished steel increased almost 34% to 18.9 million net tons in 2010 over CY2009. Finished steel import market share continues to maintain levels above 20 percent. (AISI)
According to WorldSteel, steel output from China, the world’s largest steel producer, reached 626.7 million metric tons in 2010. This represents a 9.3% increase over 2009. this level represents a decline of about 2.4% in China’s global production share.
We expect that steel prices will remain strong in light of the continued  U.S. and global financial recovery. Most news items that could develop- such as  the latest major flooding in Australia’s Coal Mining areas- will be bellwethers for higher prices.
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