Just learned that an American National Standard for calculating the Cost Per Hire has been published.

ANSI/SHRM 06001.2012

50 pages to say CPH= the sum of External Costs plus Internal Costs divided by number of hires.

Normally, I’m all for Standards, Consensus, and Systems.

But this one is a 50 page American National Standard just to get the HR Department and the Finance Department to agree that :

CPH = (External Costs) + (Internal Costs) / Total Number of Hires in a Time Period

Seems a bit like overkill.

Although this is a pdf available on line, I question the need for 50 pages to “standardize” a definition of a simple quotient.

In my world, complex minds simplify, and simple minds complexify.

Here’s a link to your own 50 page pdf of ANSI/SHRM 06001.2012