PMPA member and Erie, Pa employer American Turned Products looking to increase its skilled workforce by 30%!
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Erie TV Channel 12 :
“Manufacturing jobs are plentiful in Erie County and throughout North America.
That’s the word from Darlene Miller, President of the Precision Machined Products Association. Miller was in Fairview today touring the shop at American Turned Products.  She says there are job openings at every shop she has visited.  She says the challenge facing manufacturing shops is finding interested and qualified people to fill job openings.  She blames parents who are not encouraging young people to consider a career in manufacturing.
“We’re the guilty ones because we’re not showing them what manufacturing’s all about. Plus, our schools have stopped having any kind of manufacturing-type classes, whether it’s tool shop, automotive, or whatever. So they’re not exposed to manufacturing and they have no clue how high-tech it really is,” Miller said.
American Turned Products currently has 130 employees.  It plans to increase its work force by 30% by the end of next year.”