I spent a few days at a Users Conference for PMPA Technical Member Epicor, an ERP software solutions provider.
As I am just a manufacturing guy, among  4000 computer, software and systems experts, I was in a unique position to see what our world looks like from the IT side of things.
What I learned was that to the IT folks, devices are more than just devices.

Drivers of business change.
Drivers of business change.

Here are some of my gleanings about how we as manufacturing users are seen by the folks that deliver us our data:

  • C- Types  want data visualization;
  • Middle Managers want metrics;
  • Front line managers want conditional awareness;
  • The people doing the work want to know what to do.
  • Everyone has a mobile device, and want to access their data with it.
  • Mobile devices- Ipads, tablets, smart phones- mean our customers are no longer tied to their desk.

Including CUSTOMERS!
The internet expanded the demand for data availability to : Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.
Mobile technology is now transforming that to Everyone, Everywhere, Everything, EVERYTIME!
An interesting fact that we need to be aware of as this mobile transformation continues to transform markets:
87% of Chief Marketing Officers are planning to integrate every customer touch point digitally within the next 5 years.
Every Customer Touchpoint.
Think about what that could mean for your business.
You have a website? Good start.
Is it mobile friendly?
What about all the information that your customer needs? Does it involve a phone call, and clerical work to assemble a report? Available only during business hours?
Or can they get that digitally? Anywhere, Anytime?
That is where the world is headed- actually, it is where the leading companies have been.