Nothing like hands on experience to make an electromechanical device that obeys your commands to develop student interest in making things.


At Lakeland Community College the Alliance for Working Together (AWT) Consortium, a local initiative addressing manufacturing needs and concerns, is full steam ahead as it launches an associate of applied science certificate/degree program. The goal of this program is to provide a pipeline of skilled workers to the manufacturing sector.

The Alliance for Working Together (AWT) Consortium  supports Lakeland Community College’s efforts  to support the manufacturing community with a degree program to educate future employees.  Last weekend, Lakeland sponsored a robotics competition for local high school students, who designed, built and operated robots for competition.

Our industry's future talent.

We were pleased to see the interest in making things, the widespread use of PPE and a team whose Tshirts said it all:

Madison Robotics- T-shirts say it all!

In addition to the associate of applied science degree, an educational and career pathway has also been developed by AWT and Lakeland. The degree will require at least 63 credits and be aligned with curriculum supported by the National Association of Manufacturers’ industry standards and skills certification system.

Manufacturing is vital to the economy of Northeast Ohio, the state, and in fact our nation’s economic competitiveness. We are pleased to see the pipeline for manufacturing talent being primed by AWT, Lakeland Community College, and the local manufacturers who sponsored the student robotics teams. Over 100 students from  18 high schools in three counties got to test their ‘mettle’ at this second annual Robobot competition.

The talent pipeline is looking pretty good!

Local news coverage and video here:

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