Santa is Real!
Santa is Real!

I attended a holiday dinner with my father and guess who showed up?


I know he’s real. He called me by my nickname when I was a kid  (how did he know ?) and asked me how the  electric train, three speed bike, and some other requests worked out.

You can see him beside me in the photo above.

I told him  they worked out Great!

Funny how those don’t seem to be on my mind these days.

So when the jolly old elf asked me what I’d like this year, I gave him a short list

  • I’d like to see US GDP growth hit 4-5%
  • I’d like to see U-6 unemployment drop to single digits.
  • I’d like to see The White House come up with a budget that gets spending in control and does not further balkanize America into Us vs Them camps.
  • I’d like to see fairness out of the Washington Bureacracies and stability in raw material pricing.
  • I’d like to see the Treasury Department deal with Chinese currency manipulation.
  • I’d like to see the Fed stop printing money and stealing interest from the savings of retirees.

Santa looked at me  and said

“I see you have matured  quite a bit since I visited you last. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have a new Bike?”

If Santa was real what would you ask him?