A successful blog post is brief, interesting, brief, and informative to the readers that you target.

The information should be useful to your intended audience.

And, did I mention

Most of all, it needs to be brief…

Here are the 8 steps:

1)      Short title that says / is your main point or asks a question. (Even if the readers don’t read the rest of your post, they got your idea…)

2)      Put the conclusion as your first line to tell them what you want them to know.  (This is NOT how you were taught by your English teacher, but then, who reads their English teacher’s blog?)

3)      Add a photo that “shows what you mean”  to add an emotional payload to the post. (Photos are great way to communicate your feelings about the subject and are also great ways to be found on Google!

4)      Bullet lists beat text.  “8 steps to write a blog post worth reading” will get way more reads than “How to write a blog post worth reading”  followed by paragraph after paragraph of text

5)      Always keep the word count down. We live in a sound byte world. Keep it “short, sweet and to the point(s).” (In a word, brief.)

6)      Always, always, always credit any material you source from anyone other than yourself.  I do it by pasting the link to the page where I retrieved it. ( Be careful with photos, don’t grab a watermarked stock photo unless you are paying for it. But photos that aren’t watermarked are “fair use” if you credit the source.)

7)      Let your personal attitude show in your writing. The last thing the world needs is more non-emotive Blah Blah Blah. If it is interesting enough to share, share your feelings in your writing.

8)      It’s O.K. to have an opinion. Share yours. The point is to start a conversation, and to get people who are interested in these same things to connect and share. Share your opinion, not just the facts. People will respect you for it.

That’s it. There you are. 8 steps on how to write a blog post worth reading.

Now that didn’t hurt too bad, did it?

Didn’t hurt too bad did it?

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