Gotta love the entrepreneurial spirit  of engineers vs. the  bureaucratic regulators (aka Forces of Evil…)

Ahhh! It iluminates as it warms. What will they think of next?

To improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the EU has banned the sale of incandescent light bulbs of over 60 watts.
Enter the engineers.
Engineer Siegfried Rotthaeuser studied  the EU legislation and realised that because the inefficient old bulbs produce more warmth than light they could be sold legally as heaters.
Rotthaeuser is legally importing and distributing 75 and 100 watt light bulbs — by producing them in China, importing them as “small heating devices” and selling them as “heatballs”.  Check out the heatball website here.
What is the Heatball Manifesto?
A heatball is electrical resistance, used as a heater.
Heatball is a campaign of opposition against regulations being passed that bluntly ignore the most basic democratic principles.
 Heatball also resists unreasonable measures supposedly protecting our natural environment.
How can we be made to believe that using energy saving lamps will save our planet, while at the same time the rain forests have been waiting in vain for decades for effective sustainable protection?
Heatball is electrical (and political) resistance.
Viva la resistance!
And we're a fan!

Now if only they could buy them from us here in the US…