Competers  are usually so caught up in meeting their day to day challenges that they can only worry about the future, while innovators see the present only as a stepping stone they can use to a biogger and better future.“- Daniel Burrus, Technotrends, Sept 2010,
Of course we have to do what we have to do right now. Now is where we live, Right?
I call this short term focus “the tyranny of the urgent.”
 Must get truck loaded and shipped. Must get paperwork issued, must get…

NOW! Now! Now!

When I look at companies that are growing and profitable, I find that they seem to have a different focus. They are the ones that are using a long term time focus.

Long term focus =  profitable!

What is that different focus? LONG TERM THINKING

Long term thinking takes a different view...

Everywhere you look in this country, it seems that we are suffering from the consequences of too much short term thinking. Google doesn’t have this disease.” Paul Saffo, Discern Analytics,  
The time is ripe for long term thinking, with memories still fresh of a financial meltdown- a byproduct of Wall Street’s demands for companies to deliver ever-higher profits every three months and meet earnings targets set by analysts.” AP Article
So if we were playing Barbara Walters, and we asked you  “If you were a time measuring device, what time measuring device would you be?”
Would you be a stop watch, or a calendar?
And who on your team is the the other?
After all, we will be living in Tomorrow,  in just another day…
5 Year Calendar