Our nation has an urgent need for Ventilators, and General Motors, one of the companies charged with retooling to make ventilators, asked a PMPA member if they could make all of the parts needed. Our member brought the prints for the ventilator parts to PMPA to leverage the capabilities of our entire association. The PMPA team submitted the prints to our membership and compiled the list of PMPA members who have the capability and the capacity to produce parts for ventilators.  The list has been submitted to GM, FEMA and The White House, and we have confirmed that at several parts have already been awarded to our members and are in production. As our members report additional capacity and capability we will submit an addendum.

Ventilator parts in production at PMPA member shop in Illinois #makingpartsthatmakeadifference

Manufacturing matters. And local manufacturing can make a local difference. The race to the bottom for the globally lowest price is not helping us in our hour of need. Local solutions can solve Global problems. American Manufacturers are stepping up. We need to keep that in mind after we get through this crisis.