Here are 12 good ideas for you and your safety program.

The new sheriff in town continues to make enforcement OSHA’s top priority.
Here are 12 good ideas  from American Safety and Health Management Consultants,Inc. to help you and your team avoid the new sheriff’s thirst for fines and penalties.

  1. Make safety a key priority. Really.
  2. Be ready for an inspection. Do not be caught off guard. Even if you aren’t there- have a plan.
  3. Review all written programs and update where necessary.
  4. Ensure that all employees receive the OSHA required training, document the training and follow up to assure they “got it.”
  5. Inspect your facility, or have a safety professional do it for you.
  6. Correct any and all violations as soon as practical.
  7. Follow up on employee safety related concerns.
  8. Establish supervisor responsibilities and hold them accountable.
  9. Know what to do in case of an OSHA inspection. Have assigned personnel to handle this.
  10. Audit your safety programs at least annually and develop a safety action calendar for each new year.
  11. Enforce you company safety policies fairly and consistently.
  12. Recognize and reward employees for good safety performance.

Photo of eggs.
(Actually, they aren’t really eggs.  And fining employers isn’t really about safety.)