G.M. (27% owned by the federal government) is close to making a bid on Ally Financials’ (74% owned by U.S. Government; 9.9% owned by G.M.) Latin American and European Operations, according to the Wall Street Journal

So will the money G.M. uses be from its corporate performance or will it be a  “Wash Sale” – a return of Government monies?


It sounds like money laundering  if you or I did it, but they have lawyers and stuff so it must be okay, Right?

Enron power barges.

Nigerian Barge Scam.

Here’s my suggestion of a logo:

Parts of Ally Financial owned by US Government and GM (which is part owned by the U.S. government) will be sold to GM to pay back the U.S. Government?

If you can figure out why  GM’s repurchase of  some of Ally operations from the U.S. Government to pay back the U.S. Government, while GM is still owned in part by the U.S. Government, is NOT Money Laundering, please let me know…

Logo idea


Enron Power Barges