It has been my pleasure to work with the folks at the Vanamatic Company since the late 1980’s as a  steel supplier technical representative, as a PMPA staffer, and as a friend.

A passion for improvement is what drives the folks Vanamatic.
A passion for improvement is what drives the folks Vanamatic.

I can say that over a big chunk of those 60 years, there were a few things that remained constant- fair dealings, honest communications, and an unrelenting focus on continuous improvement.
I was not at all surprised  when I got a call from Jeff saying that they were going to have something to announce and could I help them with it.
Of course there is something new at Vanamatic.
They are always working on ideas for improvement.
I was surprised when they told me it was a brand new website for the company’s 60th anniversary.
60 years was quite a surprise.
It has not been an easy time for manufacturing these last 60 years.
Frankly the last 8 years were pretty tough.
The Rise of China at the beginning of the new century wiped out a lot of the companies that were not very serious about their business.
Congratulations to Vanamatic for 60 years of leadership through continuous improvement. Improvement of people, process, and culture.
Oh, and improvement to the their online presence through their new website.