Ford announced it is reducing its summer shutdown in several North America plants, including six assembly plants, from the traditional two weeks to one.

It is going to be a busy summer for all of our shops making components for automotive applications.

Plenty of parts, plenty of machine adjustments, maybe time at the beach or fishing not so plentiful.

The  summer production boost is consistent with Ford’s plan to increase annual production capacity by 400,000- though the additional week is likely to only increase  vehicle production by 40,000.

Why is this important to your shop?

  • If you were planning on taking a shutdown to do major maintenance, you may not be able to schedule the time.
  • While Ford has made the announcement, you may not see the demand jump on your latest forecast.
  • Now might be a good time to review your barstock inventory, order book, and adjust accordingly.

They can’t make cars without parts… the parts you make!

Cleantechnica photo of technican at Helios inc.