A lot of people have a false idea about “power” in their ideas about authority at work.

And from what I can see in the run up to this election, the false ideas aren’t just limited to the business world.

Power must be directed to a purpose to provide useful work.

I have worked for Absentee bosses.  Authoritarian bosses. Benevolent bosses.  Frighteningly competent bosses. Incompetent bosses. Knowledgeable bosses. Machiavellian bosses. Respectful bosses. I have learned a lot from each.

What to do, from some.

What not to do, from others.

I have concluded that the Responsibilities and Authorities that define a managerial position are not about “power.”

At least not “power” per se.

The purpose of the Responsibilities and Authorities that define managerial positions are to assure that the managers clearly understand that they “have both the power and duty to make a difference.”

Power and duty to make a difference is a very different thing from power.

Anybody would want the power.

What separates the great bosses, the true leaders, is that they understand that it is not about the power; it is about the power and duty to make a difference.

Are you empowered?

Do you have what it takes as well as a duty to make a difference?

You see, from my experience, it’s really not about the power. Or the title.

It’s all about results.

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