When I visit our precision machine shops around the country, I am always impressed at how often the parts being produced look like jewelry.

Well maybe we wouldn't wear this one inside...
Well maybe we wouldn’t wear this one inside…

But sometimes the parts that I see are jewelry- the kind that you wear inside!

PMPA  member Cox Manufacturing Company in San Antonio, Texas is a company that has heart.


This is a valve component in Dr DeBakey's original artificial heart
This is a valve component made for  Dr DeBakey’s original artificial heart

It was made by the precision machinist’s at Cox Manufacturing, who continue to make critically high engineered, high precision parts.

That look like Jewelry.

Cox Manufacturing has Heart. Precision Machinists can make almost anything look like jewelry.

It is our love of the craft. Happy Valentines Day from PMPASpeakingOfPrecision.

For last year’s Heart Shaped Musket Barrel

For How to make jewelery using just a hydraulic press

Heart photocredit.

Here’s what the precision machinists back in the day at Veste Coburg put together for when their cupids went hunting.

If cupid had a muzzleloader...

We encountered this muzzleloading longarm at Veste Coburg a splendidly grand castle in Germany on our visit last year. Veste Coburg was known as the Frankische Krone (Franconian Crown) and in its day hosted Martin Luther as well as the husband of Queen Victoria- Albert of Saxe- Gotha.

I probably took a thousand photos there. Many in the museum’s castle’s armory. It is an exquisite collection.

No word on how accurate this longarm was, but as you can see from my photo, its a pretty piece of metalworking. This photo is proof that the metalsmiths at Veste Coburg knew how to put their “heart” in their work.

And that is our Precision Machining Valentine message to you.

Shot Through the Heart is not You Give Love a Bad Name– but this just might be the “loaded gun” of the Bob Jovi Song?