Here are some photos of the most surprising thing I saw at IMTS in Chicago last week- SOLD SIGNS on machines!
This bodes well for PMPA members, and the North American Precision Machining Industry.

First "Sold Sign" I saw- Midaco

REM SALES said "Sold on first day of show."

Sold - Zoller

Both machines in this photo wear "Sold" signs- Index Corporation

PMPA Tech Member Hardinge showed me this machine "SOLD"

ZPS America sold their 8 Spindle before the show...

Paws Workholding

AccuStream Inc sold this Waterjet Machine

Kern "SOLD" in big red letters no less!

Schaudt-Sold this CNC Precision Grinder

The folks at DMG Mori Seki Smiled when I asked about "SOLD" Signs but graciously opened a mcahine for me to see precision machining "Writ Large."

Hexagon Metrology

We didn’t have a lot of time to walk the entire show, but this sampling of “SOLD” signs is a leading indicator for optimism for our  precision machining industry here in North America.
Why are YOU optimistic about a Manufacturing Recovery Here in North America?