Today is the 164th anniversary of the birth of  prolific American inventor, Thomas Edison.

Outlawed in Brazil, Venezuela, Europe, and soon to be in Canada and the United States.

Truly a modern Prometheus, Mr. Edison brought safe, affordable light to the world.
 To the masses.
He illuminated a dark world with the light of his genius.
Officially recognized by the United States Government on January 27, 1880. Patent document.
Sadly this wonderful invention has been officially banned  thanks to environmental scolds who think that less reliable, hazardous mercury containing, much more expensive Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are some how “better.” Starting in Brazil and Venezuela in 2005.
Slavishly followed by the EU in 2009.
Coming soon to Canada and the US.
Mr. Edison, thanks for shedding light in the  darkness.
It was great while it lasted. Apparently 130 years of a good thing is enough.
Now we’ll all go blind to the insipid light of the toxic CFLs that the bureaucrats have declared to be “preferred.”
And to the dingbats that think the world’s changing to these bulbs will shut down up to 270 coal fired plants.
Give me a call when that happens.
Thomas Edison Photo.
Europe link.
Canada link.
Call me when they shut down those 270 power plants because of energy savings, dingbats.