Reuters reports:” California has urged U.S. environmental regulators to slow down implementation of rules on greenhouse gas emissions saying they could hurt the state’s plan to transform its energy system to run more on renewable energy like solar power.
The Environmental Protection Agency proposed last year to require power plants and factories emitting over 25,000 tons of greenhouse gases a year to obtain operating permits. The EPA has said the rules could take effect as soon as this spring.”

Energy Commission doesn't want to have to permit these?

Now, the way we see it, California Energy Commission is urging  U.S. EPA to  relieve it from the need to file for permits for new greenhouse gas producing natural gas boilers. Filling out the needed paperwork for the permits might be ‘disruptive” to their plans.
Go figure.
We see their point. Because solar and windfarm produced energy are sporadic sources, new agile natural gas boiler plants are needed for back up. But the new natural gas boilers, if they emit greenhouse gas above the 25,000 ton threshold of the law,  really ought to be permitted.
But the irony is priceless.
Why shouldn’t these have their papers too?
If this were in my neighborhood, I'd want it to have a permit...

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