1. Continued small lot sizes requiring more time to set up then to run
  2. Inability to find “what used to be easy to find standard (materials, tools, holders, etc.)” (disappearing suppliers and products)
  3. Lack of lead time on jobs; Increase of lead time for needed materials
  4. Increase in rejects  from remaining suppliers to our shops
  5. Too much to worry about, externally
  6. Regulatory uncertainty– HR, EPA, OSHA; approved and banned materials; Increasing local  agency “oversight”
  7. COBRA
  8. Workers Comp
  9. Difficulty to get financing
  10. Inability to break through Voice mail at customers
  11. Uncertainty on pricing for needed materials
  12. Cost of capital to make investments to meet new regulations (cleaning and VOC’s in California, for example)
  13. Customer attitude that says you need to be financially strong before we give you an order;  when everyone is in the same boat.
  14. Desperate competitors who take an order below their cost just to sustain cash flow.

These are not our favorite things.

Julie Andrews won’t be singing about these subjects anytime soon.