I spent the day in Los Angeles with about 40 PMPA members and guests at DMG Mori Seiki  producing a half day seminar for our west coast PMPA Chapter.

Speakers included experts from Schmolz and Bickenbach, Chase Brass, Kaiser Aluminum, Steve Klein from Gardner Publications and myself.

We got to see a number of the machines from DMG Mori Seiki that were on display and under power.

You know you are a turning kind of guy when you have trouble just counting the number of axes some of these machines have.

More on that later.

Here’s a question that you won’t answer, which came up in a conversation I had with Giovanni Principe, of DMG Mori Seiki:

Shop owners spend a lot of time and effort to justify (cost justify) new equipment that they want to purchase.”

Well that seems fairly obvious…

So…How much time and effort do owners put on justifying (cost justifying) their old and current equipment?”


What’s your answer?

What should it be?

Hint: In light of continuous improvement and progress, the answer should probably be a value greater than zero…

Thanks to our speakers, attendees, and hosts at DMG Mori Seiki for a great day of connecting and learning.